BOOM: Tucker WRECKS FBI Narrative about Mar-a-Lago Raid in Epic Segment [WATCH]

Tucker Carlson is back from vacation and he’s not pulling punches, taking about as big of a wrecking ball as could have been expected to the Stasi-like FBI and its raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

In particular, Tucker hammered the narrative pushed by both FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland that the FBI is the real victim because now people are saying mean things about it online and have started to direct threats its way.

Speaking on that point and utterly decimating the idea that people saying mean things about the jackboots in windbreakers is the real problem right now, mocking the FBI for its pearl-clutching response to people saying mean things on Twitter and mocking its newfound respect for “norms” after an obviously norms-violating raid. In his words:

Apparently, some people disagreed with the raid, so the FBI, most heavily armed domestic law enforcement agency in the world, is now under threat from you! I got anonymous threats on Twitter, poor me! Passive aggression is the defining characteristic of the left. When they start putting people in camps, cheer them on and then attack you for complaining about it. How dare you! Violating our norms.

“As if to prove it, hours after the Mar-a-Lago raid, the jackals on Twitter began saying that Donald Trump should release that warrant. If not guilty, you will show it, that’s what they said, so Trump did it, gave the warrant to Breitbart, and the second that piece went up, there was a search about how extremists are putting the lives of FBI agents in danger, serving this warrant, which is a public document.

“In other words, ‘we are the victims here.’ Except this time, it could be a little different. I think — Donald Trump is a very big step, not just because people like him, but because indicting him at this point would be to reveal that this entire thing, meaning our justice system, industry, and parents, a means to an end. People know that at this point. They watched it. They understand what happens.”

But that wasn’t all that Tucker did to expose what the FBI is really up to and show how it’s becoming the American Stasi.

In addition to mocking the narrative that Garland and his ilk are trying to push, Tucker exposed that the real intent of its actions are attacks aimed at middle America, that what it’s really doing is trying to flex its muscles in a way that intimidates Trump voters, who it labels “white supremacists” in an attempt to justify its cracking down on them.

Making that point, Tucker said:

“These are acts of aggression and hostility aimed at America. No American president has ever explicitly declared war on his own population, and yet, for the Biden Administration, it is a near-weekly occurrence. Here is Joe Biden and Merrick Garland telling you that white supremacists come from voters, that’s what they — that white supremacists, Trump voters, are the single greatest threat to the United States.”

Watch Tucker hammer the FBI here:

Powerful stuff from Tucker. What’s worse is that it seems true; who could watch the FBI raid the former president’s home and think otherwise?

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