BOOM: Unequal Treatment Under the Law EXPOSED, Skewered by Conservative Commentators

If there’s one thing the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence did, it’s wake the average conservative up to the fact that the Deep State-controlled “justice” system is far from fair to the right, with conservatives treated harshly by the bureaucrats and apparatchiks in the FBI and DOJ as people like Hunter Biden do whatever they want, however illegal, with little worry about the jackbooted goons coming for them.

While that double standard is frightening and shows dark clouds on America’s horizon, if they’re not overhead already, the bright side is that people other than Tucker Carlson, who’s been railing on this point for some time, are waking up to it and calling it out.

One such commentator was Alex Datig, who skewered the FBI and DOJ and exposed how Hillary Clinton was treated with kid gloves while Trump is under a Mongol-like siege from the windbreaker-wearing tyrants, saying:

“By approving a general warrant for the FBI to search the Florida home of former president of the United States Donald Trump, Garland may have opened a Pandora’s box for himself, which is probably why no one has heard anything from him since the three-minute news conference where he announced his decision. It’s as if this whole thing was produced by the January 6th Hollywood production team.

But the elephant in the room is how Hillary Clinton was treated by the DoJ versus Donald Trump. The difference is Hillary Clinton destroyed records she was not authorized to keep while under subpoena, for which she was exonerated without being raided. Donald Trump was authorized to keep records, did not destroy any records, but was raided by the FBI as if he willfully flaunted the law.

“Now that we find out there was over-collecting, or should we say, illegal confiscation of attorney-client privilege documents, we should be hearing from the Attorney General by now. As for the media, anyone who said Trump’s passports were seized because he could be a flight risk, those entities should do an immediate retraction and apologize.”

And Datig wasn’t the only one to bring up the Hillary Clinton comparison. Sean Hannity did as well during a recent segment of his show, exposing the way that Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden were treated by the powers that be for her flagrantly illegal conduct and comparing that to how Trump and and Manafort have been treated, saying

You know what, look at the Hillary Clinton case. They never knocked on her door. They didn’t have a predawn raid like they did Paul Manafort, who’s going to join us next. I can’t remember a time that they put her in leg shackles or in handcuffs.

I don’t remember Hunter Biden, and we know about the laptop, the FBI has had it now for almost two years, I don’t remember Hunter’s home being, you know, a predawn raid at his home. We know he lied on a gun application, we know that gun ended up in a dumpster. We know that he mentions The Big Guy, his father, a lot and he’s implicated all over that laptop, and not a finger has been lifted in this case.

“So this certainly is a two-tiered justice system, and that should be the point that Americans take away from this. They don’t treat Democrats the way they treat conservatives, period.

Welcome to America under leftist rule, land of Stasi raids for you and kiddie treatment for them.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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