Did the Secret Service Betray Trump? This Bush Era Republican Thinks So

Apparently, the FBI showed up at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence because a mole inside his inner circle was feeding them information and claimed that there was “unsecured” secret information that he was keeping with him. “Claiming” being the key word there.

But that claim, as the heavily redacted affidavit shows, was enough to get the FBI to show up, with the feds then prowling around Mar-a-Lago for hours and searching through Trump’s property, even going so far as to break into his safe.

And so speculation has swirled about how the mole close to Trump might be. Mary Trump, the former president’s niece, claimed that the mole was Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and one of the more liberal members of his administration.

She said so when speaking to leftist radio host Dean Obeidallah, saying:

I think we need to look very hard at why Jared got $2 billion. We need to look very hard at why he has been so quiet for so many months now. And we need to think about who, if it, who could also be implicated in this that would need as big a play as turning Donald in, in order to get out of trouble, or at least to mitigate the trouble they’re in. It sounds like somebody in Jared’s position. I’m not saying it’s Jared, but. It could be.

Kushner, for his part, has vociferously denied those claims, blasting them as “outlandish”.

Well, Kushner might be off the hook, as Bush Era “Republican” Karl Rove thinks that it’s the Secret Service that stabbed Trump in the back and made the claim that sparked the raid.

Now, Rove is a RINO that’s much more a Bush or Cheney Republican than a Trumpy, MAGA Republican. But, despite that, he made a good point, so it’s worth holding your nose and reading what he had to say on the matter:

The Secret Service – and this is just my own personal conjecture, no information other than simply knowing the Secret Service is there – they have no statutory responsibility over classified material.

But they are sworn federal law officers. They are law enforcement, and they have a responsibility to report a crime, and particularly after a letter is sent from one of the president’s lawyers saying we don’t have any more classified material…

If somebody sent a letter and said we don’t have classified material, and somebody in the Secret Service said I have seen classified material still in the walls of Mar-a-Lago and had a responsibility to report that through the chain of command or maybe directly to the counterintelligence division.

They would have somebody who had said, in essence. you have been misled, whether it was a deliberate lie or a lie based in ignorance, somebody told you there’s no more classified material here, there is classified material here.

Now, there’s no evidence that Rove is right. But, given the behavior of the FBI, CIA, and the rest of the Deep State, it seems plausible that one or two bad actors in the Secret Service did their best to get him in trouble.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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