“Donald Trump Will Be Running for President”: Concha Drops Big News about 2024

According to Fox News Channel anchor Joe Concha, President Trump will almost certainly be running for president again in 2024.

Dropping that bombshell and sighting, as evidence for it, the elite hatred of him, his willingness to stand up to them in high-profile ways, and his holding numerous rallies recently.

Speaking on that and dropping a hint about when he thinks Trump will announce his 2024 bid, Concha said:

Yeah, many Trump supporters will say it’s a reminder of what the swamp is. You’re seeing this movie over and over again, whether it’s with the Russia collusion investigation that went on for two years under Mueller and now the raid on mar-a-largo, two impeachments. This is a reminder of why they like Trump so much. They have seen him as an outsider.

“As it stands right now, Donald Trump will be running for president in 2024. My evidence is that you don’t hold rally after rally just for the heck of it. There’s a reason behind this.

“The former president could very well announce his intentions in the mid-terms or January of 2023. You touched on it earlier. That’s the world that we live in now. Kamala Harris announced her presidential bid in early 2019, nearly two years before the election. George W. Bush did during the summer of 1999. I guess the question is, who would run if Trump decides not to.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s former “fixer,” Michael Cohen, a scheming lawyer that has turned on the former president, appeared on MSNBC (of course) to spew some Trump hatred and suggest that all the talk of running is made up as a way for him to grab money while his fragile ego prevents him from running, saying:

“I still stand by it. I do not believe that Donald will run in 2024. He knows statistically that he cannot win. His fragile ego will not permit him to be a two-time loser, whether it’s to Joe Biden or to someone else. He just can’t have it.

“More importantly, again the greasy drifter will end up losing all of this money that is coming into him based upon the big lie.

Spewing yet more TDS Trump hatred, Cohen went on to claim the whole thing is about fundraising and money grabbing, saying:

“Alex, one of the things that Trump is trying to do here, Trump likes to play the victim again and again. So, this greasy grifter will fund-raise off of it, which we are seeing him doing on a daily basis. While that raid was going on, my cell phone probably got four or five emails and text messages, hey friend, you are not going to believe what is going on here.”

Fortunately, it looks like Cohen is far more likely to be wrong than Concha. Trump, for all his obvious ego and bluster, does seem to intend on running again and obviously cares about the country, a country that he has fought so hard for and sacrificed so much of his fortune for in recent years.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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