Economy Crashing, Gas Prices Surging, Now More than Ever We Need to Bring Back Lets Go Brandon! [VIDEOS]

Let’s do a quick review of the Biden Administration so far, shall we?

First came the disaster at the border, where a veritable flood of illegal immigrants took his halt of the Trump border wall to heart and started rushing across in massive numbers, with perhaps two million flowing across in the first year of his presidency and hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, coming across this year.

Next came the humiliating rout from Afghanistan. It was probably well past time we left that hellhole of a nation, but the way Team Biden did it was humiliating, led to the death of over a dozen service members, and was far more chaotic than it needed to be. Pulling out was the right call, but the way Team Biden did it was a disaster and looked bad.

Then came the inflation crisis, with the cost of living shooting up dramatically as fuel became incredibly expensive, food (particularly meat) became painful to buy, and supply chain snarls aggravated the situation as Transportation Secretary “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg stayed at home on “paternity leave”…for children that he and his husband adopted.

Though the supply chain snarls have started to work themselves out, somewhat at least, the mishandling of the Ukraine situation and harsh response to Russia then led to even more food and fuel price inflation as sanctions stopped the flow of grain and gas from one of the world’s largest producers of both.

And now Team Biden has signed a bill that will add a new tax for petroleum producers, potentially weaken the stock market by placing a tax on stock buybacks, and will add more pain for taxpayers by funding the hiring of tens of thousands of new IRS agents.

Plus, Biden has gotten seemingly more senile throughout the year and a half or so that he’s been president, which isn’t confidence-inspiring, particularly as tensions with China over Taiwan and Russia over Ukraine increase and domestic quarrels look to advance to a scary next level with the FBI raiding Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

Well, the GOP might be largely ineffective in combatting Biden and his administration and things might be looking worse than ever, but, at the very least, Americans disappointed with the current regime can get their revenge in one (albeit small) way: bringing back the chants that humiliated the president.

What chant is that? Well the “FJB”/”Let’s Go Brandon” chant, of course! Here are some fun videos of it:

Will such chants end Biden’s parade of disasters? No, of course not. It’s just a chant. Electing people that will stand up to Biden is obviously more important, but that can’t happen until November and, given how McConnell and the RINOs of the Romney mold have acted so far, it’s unlikely to be overly successful.

But, while the chant doesn’t defeat Biden, it does do one thing: it humiliates him and his coterie of losers, showing how little respect Americans have for the ruling elite. That mindset, that showing of disdain for the Biden regime, is important: it shows the emperor has no clothes and lays bare the unpopularity of the ruling regime, something that pressures them to act and increases the chance they’ll make yet more mistakes while trying to fight back. Those mistakes give fighters like Trump room to maneuver and start pushing back in very real ways, along with paving the way for them to demolish whatever Biden has accomplished when they return to power.

So as college sports pick back up, everyone get ready: it’s FJB time!

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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