“Election Interference”: The Politicized and Stasi-Like FBI Gets SKEWERED by Former DNI [WATCH]

John Ratcliffe served as the Director of National Intelligence under President Donald Trump, so he knows a thing or two about the intelligence/national security establishment and how it’s supposed to work.

And last night he used that knowledge to take the politicized and Stasi-like FBI to task for interfering in the 2020 election by pushing social media companies to censor stories about the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell,” a laptop that shows both the president’s son doing very embarrassing and illegal things and that the Biden family has very close ties to Red China.

Ratcliffe, blasting the FBI for inserting itself into the political process and effectively interfering in the election, said:

It is election interference. To the extent that these allegations are true that the FBI agents were knowingly putting bad information out there, it absolutely is.

“The troubling part about this, Tucker, is the FBI is the primary domestic authority four enforcing election security and making sure that people don’t interfere with the American voters and American elections. If they are engaged in election interference, we have a problem. That’s why so many Americans mistrust the FBI at the current time. That is really unfortunate.”

And that wasn’t all that Ratcliffe had to say on the matter. He also tore into the “Russian disinformation” bit of the story about the FBI pressuring Facebook over the Hunter Biden story, correctly noting that it was real, not Russian disinformation.

Speaking on that, Ratcliffe first indicated that either the FBI lied to Zuckerberg about the incident or Zuckerberg lied to Rogan about what happened, saying:

Tucker, I was surprised to hear Mark Zuckerberg say that because what he related the FBI told him was exactly the opposite of what my conversations with the FBI director himself at the time were about.

“What we knew when Adam Schiff in October 2020 talking about Hunter Biden’s laptop as Russian disinformation, using his platform as the chairman of the intelligence committee to mislead voters about that, we knew that simply wasn’t it wasn’t Russian disinformation.

“There was no intelligence and discussion between my office, the director of national intelligence, the FBI, and the Attorney General at the Department of Justice, we all agreed we need to counter this. I put out a statement and was backed up by both the department Department of Justice and FBI that this was not Russian disinformation.

So someone’s lying as they deal with the fallout of the situation, which could prove to be immense if Republicans ever grow a spine.

In any case, Ratcliffe then continued and further explained what the FBI could have done to mislead the American people and work on behalf of the Democrats, saying:

“So to hear contrary to what the FBI director was saying and the official position of the FBI that agents were acting in contradiction to that in dealing with Facebook or telling if whistleblowers are to believe, telling FBI agents to suppress information about Hunter Biden’s laptop and to amplify damaging information about then-president Donald Trump.

“That is entirely inconsistent with what we all knew, and what you now know and the public knows, that this wasn’t Russian disinformation. Hunter Biden’s laptop was real. Unfortunately, a lot of folks misled the American people about that and the American voter about that two weeks before a presidential election.”

And Ratcliffe wasn’t the only one on that program who was ready to tear the FBI to pieces. Tucker did so as well, ripping into the FBI and saying:

“Those are just shells who will say what they are told to say in the person will not take them seriously. We miss the bigger story. We will admit that. At the time we imagined what this lie that the laptop was Russian misinformation was being pushed almost exclusively by democratic partisans. But that’s not true. It was much worse and much more threatening to our democracy. In fact utterly corrosive of our democracy than that.

“Our media attributed these two former intel officials who had a letter about Russian disinformation. It wasn’t former intel officials spreading the lie. It was members of the U.S. Government. Federal bureaucrats and people who were federal agents, senior FBI leaders who are still at the FBI. They lied and they knew they were lying. They never took steps to validate this claim that it was Russian propaganda or Russian disinformation.”

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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