FBI, Border Patrol Paint Themselves as Victims as Outraged Americans Respond to Mar-a-Lago Raid, Border Disaster

If there were ever events that could cause even the staunchest of “thin blue line” type Republicans to back off of their support for federal law enforcement, it happened over the past two weeks when both the FBI and Border Patrol disgusted Americans by acting in an obvious leftist manner.

The FBI, of course, raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home and ripped it apart for hours before leaving with vastly more bits of information and property of Trump’s than they were supposed to take.

And in a less covered but nearly as disgusting incident, the Border Patrol opened a gate locked by the Texas National Guard along the Rio Grande, allowing a horde of waiting migrants to freely pour across the border and into the US, from where they can to God knows what.

And so many Americans, particularly those on the right, have reacted with horror, pointing out that the agencies were not only not doing what they are supposed to do but are actively working against the interests of the American people.

Predictably, the political hacks within those agencies are using that criticism and a few recent incidents to claim that they’re under attack and clutch their pearls about “domestic terrorists.”

Such is what CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus did in a memo he wrote to CBP’s tens of thousands of employees, saying, following a crash and suicide outside the Capitol:

Last night, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice issued a Joint Intelligence Bulletin, accessible via the Homeland Security Information Network, providing information on the potential for domestic violent extremists to carry out attacks on federal, state, and local law enforcement and government personnel or facilities.

Continuing, he went on to sound the “domestic terrorist” alarm in the pearl-clutching letter, saying that the Joint Intelligence Bulletin was being:

“shared in light of an increase in threats and acts of violence, including armed encounters, against law enforcement, judiciary, and government personnel, in reaction to the FBI’s recent execution of a court authorized search warrant in Palm Beach, Florida. Since the search, the FBI and DHS have observed an increase in violent threats posted on social media against federal officials and facilities.”

And, getting to the Border Patrol’s recent failure at protecting the border and, rather than addressing it and pledging to plug the holes in the porous border, continued to rant about “domestic terrorists,” saying:

“As described in the June 7 National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin, some domestic violent extremists have expressed grievances related to the false perception that the U.S. government is not working to maintain security along the U.S.-Mexico border. And there remains increased risk of domestic violent extremists relying on these grievances to justify violence against law enforcement officials involved in the enforcement of border security.”

Perhaps, rather than complain about the opinions of ordinary Americans, Magnus and his ilk should just do their jobs and protect the border from the millions-strong horde of illegals rolling across it.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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