“Get Off the Bong for a Minute”: Ted Cruz Hilariously Savages Layabouts, Draws Losers Out of the Woodwork [WATCH]

Texas Senator Ted Cruz tore into those who have agitated in favor of student loan debt forgiveness now that Biden has announced the plan to pay off up to ten thousand dollars in student loan debt for those making under $150k, joking that the baristas might even lay off the bong for a minute to go vote for Slow Joe now that he’s effectively handed them thousands of dollars right before an election.

Making that argument, Cruz presented the sort of people who are burdened by student loan debt but unable to pay it off as a bunch of slackers that are only in their position because they wasted years in college getting a useless degree and now have some lowly, minimum wage job with which they can’t pay their bills.

Specifically, he painted them as being slacker baristas in a very funny remark, saying:

There is a real risk if you are that slacker barista who wasted seven years in college studying completely useless things, now has loans, and can’t get a job, Joe Biden just gave you 20 grand. Like, holy cow, that 20 grand, you know, maybe you weren’t gonna vote in November and suddenly, you just got 20 grand.

It was then that he got to his punchline, which was that maybe those layabouts would sober up long enough to vote thanks to Slow Joe, saying:

And you know, if you can get off the bong for a minute and head down to the voting station, or just send in your mail-in ballot that the Democrats have helpfully sent you, it could drive up turnout, particularly among young people.

Watch that hilarious comment here:

Predictably, Cruz’s hilarious comments started a firestorm on Twitter, with Vermont’s socialist Senator, Bernie Sanders, leading the charge against Cruz, saying:

This is what a leading Republican thinks of young “slacker” Americans who took out loans to go to college.

But, of course, that’s not what Cruz said. He was mocking those drug-addicted losers that waste years of their lives, tens of thousands of dollars, and whatever potential they might have on a useless degree that it took them far too long to get, landing them in a low-paying job and crushing debt load.

Those people, between their lack of ambition, lack of foresight, and inability to pay their debts, are slackers. It’s a very fair descriptor.

And so people who fit the description jumped in to side with Bernie and attack Cruz, with this comment being one of my favorites:

Apparently myself, a public school teacher who joined the Peace Corps out of college, and currently with over 20k in student loans after graduating in 2009, is a slacker according to @tedcruz. Good to know

Yup. Sounds like a slacker to me. Though “loser” would probably be an even more appropriate term.

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