Insanity Continues: The Congressman that Slept with a CCP Spy Uses Anti-FBI Anger to Push for Gun Control

Remember Congressman Eric Swalwell, the guy that was sleeping with a CCP spy named Fang Fang and had a very embarrassing incident with a very loud, long fart on live TV?

Well, he’s back in the news, though this time not for being unable to keep his pants zipped when an enemy nation’s spies come knocking or for his flatulence.

Rather, he’s using GOP anger against both him and the FBI to call for yet more gun control, as if crazy people can somehow be stopped by whatever laws a man as vapid as Eric Swalwell comes up with.

Speaking on that, Swalwell highlighted the threats against his family as if those provide an excuse for more gun control, saying:

“I do everything I can to protect my three little kids and my wife. They should not have to live in fear because their husband or their father works in public service. And has spoken out against the former president. What I’m not going to do is stop speaking out. That’s why I post these messages because if these are going to intimidate me, they are not. If you think you’re going to intimidate my colleagues in the FBI and, I put those out there to show that I am not going to be intimidated and number two, there’s a correlation when American leaders stoke these conspiracy theories that these folks receive it as a gospel and think they it is their duty to take up arms and people have been killed and where people are going to get killed until the lies stopped.

Starting with the big guy, Donald Trump is gone after the election and now the new life about the FBI search. By the way, Jason, is your calling me and threatening to kill my family, and often times I get these calls around my position on gun safety legislation, you have proven to me and the world why we need to be more scrutinizing about going for firearms.”

So what does the former director of the CIA’s calls for Trump to be executed mean we have to ban? The CIA?

In any case, Congressman Swalwell didn’t end it there. He went on to ridiculously frame the Stasi-like FBI as a victim now that it is being criticized for raiding Trump’s home, saying:

“It’s sickening where we have arrived, we is to say, somebody’s going to get killed, well people died on January 6th. And today, when it’s just most intolerable is in the last 48 hours since the FBI search Donald Trump’s home, you can draw directly from what Kevin McCarthy, Steve Scalise, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lindsey Graham all said, threats against law enforcement the lies that they told about law- enforcement and what these individuals foisted online before he took up arms against the FBI and it’s a little personal for me because I have two brothers who are law enforcement officers and we know , these guys are not geniuses, they are targeting law enforcement so they have a lot of people, wearing the uniform who are sitting ducks right now.”

LOL. As if Swalwell and his ilk care a whit about the safety of law enforcement. Doubtful. What’s not in doubt is that Swalwell is very clearly an aspiring tyrant.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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