LOL: Buttigieg Is Once Again Claiming Infrastructure is Racist, This Time Focusing on Train Tracks

At a time when inflation is ravaging the economy, sky-high gas prices are emptying the wallets of average Americans, and a war with China, Russia, or both continues to look more likely than it has in decades, what is America’s ridiculous farce of a Transportation Secretary working on?

Fighting against racist train tracks, apparently. He must have moved on from wringing his hands over racist bridges or gloating over Americans being forced to take a look at buying an EV thanks to the consistently high price of gasoline.

That racist train tracks bit slipped out when he was talking to Trevor Noah on the Daily Show and decided to explain the meaning of “the other side of the tracks” and make it a race thing (of course), saying:

“…The point is, look, there are many places in the US where a road or a railroad was used to divide or segregate or even remove a neighborhood, typically a black neighborhood.”

Noah interjected, saying “I completely understand,” then Mayor Pete continued his rant about train tracks being racist, saying:

“The very fact that we have the phrase ‘Wrong side of the tracks’ in American English language tells you something about how infrastructure which is supposed to connect can also be used to divide, often on racial lines and we’ve gotta face that and we can do something.”

Things got even wilder when Noah asked what Buttigieg was going to do to fix the problem and he responded with what sounds like a monumental plan for transforming whole areas of cities to make the roads and train tracks anti-racist, or something, saying:

“…We’re gonna get it right. And that includes recognizing that infrastructure is supposed to connect, not divide some places that might mean that you’ve got a road that’s cutting up a neighborhood. It needs to go underground. And then you can put a cap over and then you can put a park on that cap and create value in the whole neighborhood.”

So now trains or cars need to travel underground so that there’s no barrier between the hood and nice neighborhoods, and the feds are going to spend gobs of money on making that happen. What could possibly go wrong?

Continuing, Mayor Pete insisted that “everybody wins” in such a situation, so he can’t imagine why people would be against it, saying:

…Everybody wins when we do this, nobody’s worse off when we reconnect areas that have been separated or segregated. And I don’t know why anybody would be against us doing that when the whole point of transportation is to connect not to divide.”

The people whose neighborhoods will be stormed by criminals after barriers are removed won’t win (just look at what MARTA did to Atlanta), nor will all the taxpayers forced to surrender their hard-earned dollars so that Mayor Pete can be an anti-racist Transportation Secretary win, but one would probably be correct in thinking that he’s not overly concerned with the opinions of such people.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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