LOL: Fauci Gets WRECKED By Rep. Comer after Making Typical Claims on MSNBC

Dr. Fauci is apparently going to be retiring in the coming months, finally giving up his spurs and his hold on the public health establishment after all those mistakes and problems with his “leadership” during both the AIDS and Covid “crises.”

Predictably, he tried to defend his record during an appearance on MSNBC, speaking with Rachel Maddow and claiming that he hasn’t been “flip-flopping,” as many critics of him claim he’s done whenever the political winds blow, but rather just responding to the science, along with defending the role of Big Government getting involved in “public health” emergencies rather than just letting local communities handling it. Speaking on that, Dr. Fauci said:

“I think in some respects, we have learned lessons from outbreaks in the past like HIV and ebola and zika, and pandemic influenza and the challenges of the possibility of bird flus turning into a pandemic.

“But in some respects, the situation has eroded, and I think it has in the sense of neglecting of the capabilities of the local public health officials because if you want to respond to an emerging infection, you do need leadership from above. You need central support from the government. At the local level, you also have to have the kind of resources that will allow you to respond.

“You know, when we learned — and I hope we are still learning a very important lesson from Covid — is that you never, ever underestimate an emerging infection in which you don’t know where it’s going because we’ve been fooled before. We didn’t fully appreciate the magnitude of HIV back in the early ’80s when I first got involved, when the first cases were recognized, and there were so many things we learned on the run with Covid.”

But that wasn’t all. He also defended his decision to run away before Republicans retake the legislature and have a chance to start investigating him and his policies, claiming that the decision to leave is because he wants to “pursue another chapter” in his career. Commenting on that in the same MSNBC interview, Fauci said:

“Well, you know, Rachel, it’s never really a good time to leave, but you have to leave sometime. I have been wanting to pursue another chapter in my career, as you mentioned a bit ago, because I’ve been wanting to do things outside of the government, particularly to do things, be they lecture or write or get involved in situations where I can serve as hope and inspiration to encourage young people to go into public service, particularly in the arena of science, medicine, and public health.

“I was thinking of doing that right after the Trump Administration ended, but when President Biden was elected, he very quickly asked me, and I accepted with — you know, with a great deal of honor to do that, to be his chief medical adviser. I thought that was going to last one year because like so many other people, I thought that the Covid outbreak would be over at the end of the first year of the Biden Administration. But obviously it’s not.”

So ending on yet another wrong prediction. Sound about right for Dr. Fauci.

In any case, Rep. Comer appeared on the Ingraham Angle and exposed the reality behind Fauci’s decision to leave, claiming that Fauci is running before people are starting to wake up to the origins of Covid and his involvement with that Chinese lab, saying:

 “It’s not because of anything Dr. Fauci told them. He’s done everything in his ability to obstruct any type of congressional oversight.

“More importantly he has done everything he can to obstruct any type of investigation, even from the intelligence community early on. From the Trump Administration to try to determine the origination of Covid-19. I think the reason Dr. Fauci is retiring is because now that the dust is settled, the scientists who he always refers to, now realizing the loss this originated in a Covid lab in the Wuhan lab are almost 100%.

In any case, at least Fauci will finally be gone come this December.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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