LOL: Fired Brian Stelter Gives Humiliating Eulogy for His Own Program, Struggles to Hold Back Tears [WATCH]

In what’s surely a nice dash of revenge for all those who grew furious with Brian Stelter for his constant anti-Trump, anti-GOP bias for the past few years, Brain “the Potato” Stelter was recently fired, with the network cutting him lose as it tries to bring back something at least approaching real news after the disastrously biased and bad Trump years.

Fox News, remembered Brian Stelter as a devoted left-wing apologist, commenting that he was the face of the network’s far-left shift and saying:

“Stelter developed a reputation as a left-wing pundit who spent much of his airtime criticizing conservative media. He was recently called out in a report about an attempt to restore the organization’s nonpartisan approach as the “face of the network’s liberal shift” in the eyes of conservatives.

“Stelter, one of the mainstream media’s most outspoken critics of former President Trump, will host his final CNN show on Sunday. In what many assumed was an attempt to appease new management, Stelter recently had an apparent epiphany about the severity of the Hunter Biden scandal, which turned out not to be a dismissable “right-wing media story” like the liberal pundit insisted in 2020.”

Well, that final show came and went on Sunday, with it being notable mainly because on it Stelter spoke to Carl Bernstein, who attacked the idea of media neutrality, slandered Trump, and defended CNN’s former CEO, sex pest and leftist ideologue Jeff Zucker.

But, though the show was mostly just the trash you’d expect from someone like Stelter, there was a funny bit that might have even been more gratifying than the news that Stelter had been fired.

That was the bit where Stelter had to give the eulogy for his own show and call it “small” while nearly simultaneously insisting that it was “a popular show”, saying:

As most of you know, CNN has a new owner. Warner Bros. Discovery is making big changes across the company. And there’s going to be more change all across the company, including here at CNN. And I’m sad that I won’t be here to cover it.

“But since this is our final episode, we’re going to do something a little bit differently today. This entire hour, it’s a special hour and it’s about change. It’s about change all across the media world. What’s changing? What might change? And what must never change about the accountability function of journalism? 

“You know, I love this show. This small, but mighty show punched above its weight for so many years. Even a former president commented on the cancellation. ‘Reliable Sources’ has been a one of a kind show and a popular show. This is one of CNN’s highest rated weekend shows. So I want to say thank you to all of you watching around the world.”

But the best part of all was when Brian struggled to hold back tears while ending his las broadcast, as you can watch here:

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