LOL: MSM Dolt Completely Misses the Point about Why Americans Think America is Headed in a Bad Direction

If there’s one thing that the hacks in the mainstream media can be expected to miss, it’s the point of popular discontent. So squirreled away in their ivory towers and hidden away in the sort of sequestered cloisters only the elites could be expected to hide in, even if they don’t know that they’re hiding from the general public.

As a result, they think that all of their “current thing” type nonsense, whether it be about transing the kids or risking nuclear war over the Ukraine, is highly popular and that any public anger or angst is directed not toward those who push those ideas but rather against those who stand up against them.

“Transing the kids is highly popular in x MSM studio/large corporation/prestigious university,” they think, “so all of America must love it! It’s those dangerous reactionaries that people hate.”

Such is what Yamiche Alcindor, a Washington Correspondent for NBC News, exposed when she appeared on MSNBC to talk about a recent survey showing that nearly three-quarters of Americans are upset with the direction the country is headed in, blaming that sentiment on Republicans rather than Brandon’s disastrously bad administration.

Speaking on that, Alcindor said:

And that is really important because cost of living, someone’s very survival, their ability to provide for their family, that usually, you would think, would be the number one thing, but when you have threats to democracy surpassing that, it really tells you that the American public is very, very concerned about sort of whether or not our great experiment, which is American democracy, whether or not that will continue to exist.

We’ve seen so many threats to democracy over the last year and really starting with January 6th and on, we had this new phase where this conspiracy theory of the election being stolen and these false claims by former President Trump that the election was stolen from him, that they are really not just sort of the rants of a fringe man, but instead you had the Republican Party embrace in a lot of ways these lies. I think it’s very, very striking.

“And I also think it’s striking that you see in this poll that Democrats are having a lot of enthusiasm ahead of these midterms and that is something that is very, very interesting to watch and something very important to watch because historically it’s the party in power that has not had that much enthusiasm, but after the decision overturning Roe v. Wade, which also, a lot of people that I talk to, really goes to the idea of democracy and personal freedom. There are a lot of Democratic voters in particular that are very worried that the freedoms that we have all really enjoyed in this country, that they’re all under attack.

Now, yes, the Democrats are probably upset. But the average America who is watching his bank balance plummet as he struggles to fill up the car with which he commutes to work, who has to scrimp and save to afford groceries, who has watched millions of illegals walk across the border without a single consequence after his business was shut down for months on end for “public health reasons,” that man isn’t concerned with “our democracy.”

Rather, he’s furious with the direction the country is headed in under the leftists that have hijacked and wrecked the nation.

Commenting on that was Mercedes Schlapp on Fox News, who summarized the real meaning of the recent survey result quite well, saying:

“Well, you know, obviously I think, Stuart, Biden’s unpopularity, his poll numbers, you just mentioned this poll number about the country going in the wrong direction. That’s significant. That’s showing that the independent voter, that swing voter, they’re not feeling comfortable with the Democrat Party, they’re not feeling comfortable with the leadership coming out of the Biden Administration.

“And so for these candidates, they’re taking that calculated strategy to basically say, ‘Let’s not campaign with Biden. Not only that, they’re not even campaigning with Kamala Harris or pretty much any of their cabinet members. So it really is their way of distancing themselves and saying, ‘We’re going to go on our own,’ because they think it’s the only way to win.”

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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