LOL: Watch Hilarious Video Showing Delivery Guy’s Candid Response to FJB Doormat

Need a funny video to lighten up your day now that the clouds over America are continuing to darken as the left gets more and more willing to do radical things, such as sending nearly three dozen FBI agents to raid his beautiful Mar-a-Lago home?

Well, we found one for today, and it’s pretty darn funny: a delivery man was walking up to a home with a doorbell camera and “F*** Joe Biden” doormat and, upon seeing the FJB doormat, put down the package and said “F*** Joe Biden. D*mn right!” Oh, and then at the end of the video, when walking away, the guy says, obviously referring to Slow Joe Biden, “f**kin prick!”

Hilarious, and exactly what everyone with a brain is thinking right now!

Watch it here and get a bit of a laugh in:

A few comments on the video were pretty good too, with people commenting both on how horrible Biden is and how vengeance-filled the left is, to the point where it might try to get the deliveryman fired for daring to express anti-Biden sentiment. Here are some of those good ones:


“I realllly hope this young man doesn’t loose his job because of this…but im with ya Brother!”

“And this is how you know there will be a red tsunami in November and in 2024”

“How long until someone tracks this guy down and tries to get him fired for this video?”

“Well he’s not black, everyone remembers Joe Blows campaign add, “if your having trouble voting for me or TRUMP, then YOU’RE NOT BLACK” I’m sorry but I don’t think u can get more raciest than that,but, yes his”POOR KIDS ARE JUST AS SMART AS WHITE KIDS” oh, and so much more!!!”

“Lol awesome, the entire country feels that way”

The internet is amazing; though many conservatives are anti-social media, just think: would you have gotten to see this funny video without social media making it go viral? Probably not. But thanks to the internet and social media, you get to share a laugh at Biden’s expense with millions of strangers and hear what fellow Americans (albeit Americans that don’t seem to be too good at spelling or using proper punctuation) have to say about it.

Further, the video is awesome because it shows that there are many people out there who hate Brandon who you might not expect to be so against him. Here it was a black delivery guy, who probably wouldn’t have been pegged as part of the “FJB” column. Louder with Crowder, commenting on that aspect of the video, said:

It’s remarkable the diverse group of people who dislike Joe Biden. Whether it’s Times Square tourists who say he’s f*cking up America or people on the beach in Miami who think he’s a “ho,” they really hate Ol’ Puddinghead.

Very true! And boy do we love to see it.

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Image credit: Twitter Screengrab

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