Of Course: Guess What Hilarious Republican Project the Looney Left is Calling “Racist” Now

Back in early August, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott announced that his state has started shipping illegal immigrants to places like New York City and Washington DC, leftist-occupied “sanctuary cities” that should be more than happy to take in all the MS-13 affiliated gentlemen from Oaxaca and cartel businessmen from Sinaloa that have jaunted across the border under Slow Joe’s administration.

Those cities profess to love illegals, so why shouldn’t they be the ones to take in all the illegal border crossers?

That’s what Abbott noted in the speech announcing the plan to ship the migrants to those sanctuary cities (as a governor, Abbott isn’t allowed to ship them back to Mexico), saying:

It was a hilarious stunt from the start. But, what’s better, it has gone on and on and on. Instead of just shipping a bus or two of illegals, Abbott has kept shipping them to the blue cities for weeks on end, keeping up the pipeline of illegals that his state doesn’t want to those blue dots that profess to love them.

Well, now the Democrats are mad about that because he called their bluff and are, entirely predictably, calling him a…you guessed it, racist!

Such is what Christina Greet said when speaking about the issue on MSNBC (of course it was MSNBC), saying:

“Right Jason, and the conservative estimate is $80,000 per bus trip. We know that racists don’t mind paying this money. We saw this with her parents’ generations when schools were foes forced to – integrate because they didn’t want to integrate – so racists are willing to pay the money.

“They don’t care if taxpayers paid rent. What’s the discussion about this is that these are people’s lives, just as Maria said. We have men, women and children on a bus for days on end, not knowing where they’re going.

“There is no coordination. We know the governors or the states are doing this to perform an act to try to appease their particular bases. Even though they’re costing their own taxpayers money. Even though the vast majority of Americans are descendants of people who came from countries in Italy and Ireland and Germany and Poland who treated the same – in similar ways, but they’ve forgotten that history.”

Why’s it racist? Abbott couldn’t care less whether the people he’s busing to places that claim to want such illegals are originally from Mexico or Haiti, Sierre Leone or Gautemala. Doesn’t matter. He just cares that they’re not supposed to be in Texas, or even the US, and thus need to be sent somewhere else.

But she’ll never answer. “Racist” is a smear, not a descriptor, now.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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