Of Course: MSM “Health” Hack Continues Pushing “Long Covid” Narrative

Leana Wen is a columnist with the fake news Washington Post and is a medical analyst at the worst of the failing fake news networks, CNN.

As such, she’s not someone that all that many Americans would turn to for medical advice. You don’t trust The Washington Post or CNN for news, political analysis, or anything else, so why trust some regime hack’s health advice?

In any case, hers is the medical commentary CNN gets so hers is what it promotes even when no one wants to listen to her and everyone is more than a bit tired of her Covid ramblings.

Such is what was the case when she appeared on CNN for a “Health Check” segment, defending the idea of “long Covid” and saying:

There’s no question that long Covid is real, that there are people suffering from long term consequences, both mild and severe.

“To your point, there’s a lot more that we don’t know about what that looks like, what the cardiovascular effects can be, what the effects on the brain might be. We have to balance the price we have to pay to avoid getting Covid.”

In all fairness to Dr. Wen, however, she did at least suggest that normal people are realizing they can’t keep rocking back and forth while wearing a mask in the basement forever, saying:

“Many people are deciding that, yes, Covid is real, it’s something that may have long term consequences, but I also can’t put my life or my kids’ lives and other people’s lives on hold just to avoid this. So that’s a very difficult balancing act.”

Not really that difficult. Most people are just going about their lives normally and doing just fine…

In any case, she went on to discuss what Team Brandon is doing now in recognition of “long Covid,” saying:

“Well, my understanding is that the Biden Administration is recognizing, as I think a lot of scientists are, that Covid is going to be with us.”

It was then that she went back to being unreasonable, saying that Covid isn’t “over” and saying that her “endemic” terminology “doesn’t mean it’s not an emergency,” saying:

“There is a gradual shift that Covid has to switch from being a pandemic to being endemic. That shift to being endemic does not in any way mean that Covid is over. In fact, it means that Covid is here to stay in the same way that influenza is here, in the same way we have many other endemic diseases.

“Saying that something is endemic doesn’t mean it’s not an emergency or not something that we have to deal with. We still don’t want to get Covid. We don’t want people to become severely ill from Covid. We still have to invest a lot more in treatments and also vaccines and boosters and other medications that could help people, especially the most vushls vulnerable. But I think there is this recognition that we need to treat Covid like other diseases, things that unfortunately are not covered by free by the government.

So that’s what the “public health experts” are still thinking about the Shanghai Shivers.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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