OOF: Lyin Liz Warren Continues to Make a Fool of Herself Attempting to Defend, Dodging Tough Questions about Student Debt Forgiveness

Liz “Pocahontas” Warren is back in action defending the ridiculous idea of “forgiving” student loan debt (and thus foisting it onto the shoulders of Americans that either paid their student loan debts or never went to college), doing so in an even dumber way than usual in a recent CNN appearance.

In fact, Liz seemed unable to mouth platitudes when asked about it, speaking about Biden’s loan forgiveness plan in trite generalities rather than giving specifics for how it will do what she and other advocates of the debt forgiveness plan claim it will do.

During one portion of the interview, for instance, Liz went on and on about all the supposed benefits without ever giving a concrete detail about how forcing the American people to shoulder the debt load of underachieving college students would actually help anyone out, saying:

“I am so happy to see what has happened. I recognize that, right now, hardworking families, middle-class families, working-class families have gotten some real relief. Think about it this way. Most of the relief that the President has given — remember, the majority of people are going to get $20,000 in student loan debt relief; 40 percent of the folks who have student loans do not have a college diploma, a four-year diploma.

“These are people who are truck drivers and who are nail technicians and nurses’ aides. They are actually going to get their debt canceled out, and that means they’re going to be able to build stronger futures for themselves and for their children. This is about America investing in people who work hard, who play by the rules, and who just need a government on their side. And Joe Biden has done what Joe Biden does best. He has delivered for working families.”

What trucker drivers have unpaid student loans? Is that really a large enough demographic on which to base a policy? No. Of course not. But it sounds good in sound bite form if you never think about it, so it’s the line Pocahontas and her ilk are going with.

Then, in another, even more cringe-inducing moment, Liz was asked what would happen to those who did the responsible thing and paid off their debts rather than counting on the American people to foot the tab. That went about as poorly as could be expected, with Liz refusing to give a straight answer, saying:

“You know, I think a lot about fairness. And I think about how education debt is different from other debt. I look at it this way. I wanted to be a public school teacher from the time I was in second grade. My daddy ended up as a janitor, and there was no money for me to go to college.

“But I found a public university that cost $50 a semester. And for a price I could pay for on a part-time waitressing job, I finished a four-year diploma, I became a special education teacher, and it opened a million doors for me. That opportunity is not out there today for any of our kids.

“Our public education system is no longer creating opportunities for kids like me and other kids whose families can’t afford to write a check. Instead, we’re saying to these young people, ‘You have got to get an education, but we are going to wrap the chains of debt around you.’ And, for many, you’re going to be paying it for decades into the future, including getting Social Security checks garnished. That’s not the America we want.”

Perhaps. But that’s not what was asked. She was asked what would happen to those that did what they were supposed to and paid off their debts. The real answer, the one she can’t and won’t say, is that they’re being punished and treated like suckers for doing so. Meanwhile, those underachievers that lounged around for years getting their LGBTQ African Poetry degree are getting the American taxpayer to foot the bill.

So Pocahontas was given an opportunity to defend a policy she’s been pushing for a long, long time and, predictably, proved far too vapid to do so. If she’s the mold for the political class, we’re in deep trouble.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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