Red State Brings Down the Hammer on Schools Still Pushing CRT

As the leftists involved in propagandizing to the kids in their care are learning, it’s not just Florida that’s getting serious about keeping critical race theory out of schools and dropping the hammer on those that persist in teaching children the abominable, anti-white, anti-America lessons that are associated with that reprehensible ideology.

The ruby-red state of Oklahoma is getting serious about keeping that caustic ideology out of schools as well, and just proved its mettle and signaled its resolve regarding enforcing the law and keeping kids safe from CRT, walloping Tulsa Public Schools for not complying with the state’s anti-CRT law.

News on that came from Fox 23, a local news outlet, which reported that the State Board of Education not only voted to hold those schools in Tulsa that have been pushing the much-hated ideology responsible for their doing so, but have actually struck at the CRT-pushing schools with an iron fist, hitting them with an even harsher penalty than was initially recommended. As that outlet reported:

Lawmakers and Tulsa Classroom Teachers’ Association are reacting to the State Board of Education’s vote to demote Tulsa Public Schools’ accreditation. This comes after the board found TPS in violation of House Bill 1775, the Critical Race Theory law.

The Oklahoma State Board of Education voted in a 4-2 vote on a more harsh penalty than originally recommended for the district. The board ultimately decided to demote the district’s accreditation to the more severe “accreditation with warning,” instead of “accreditation with deficiency.”

Accredited with warming means, according to the board, “the site (or school) fails to meet one or more of the standards. Seriously detracts from the quality of the school’s education program.”

The vote is important in that it shows that, for now, at least, the state is willing to do what is necessary to ensure that its anti-CRT law isn’t violated by the leftists teachers that have occupied many schools.

Whereas other states might pass anti-CRT laws to the applause of conservative pundits but then shy away from enforcing them when doing so becomes contentious, Oklahoma evidently intends on doing the much harder thing and taking action to enforce the law.

And such is what’s evidently necessary, as the sort of mindset and vision of America inculcated by the teaching of CRT is quite dangerous, as was recognized by those that voted the state’s anti-CRT bill into law. Republican State Sen. David Bullard, for example, describing the import of that law and what it means to accomplish when it was passed, said that it:

protects our children across the state from being taught revisionist history and that ‘one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex,’ or that ‘an individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, is inherently racist, sexist or oppressive, whether consciously or unconsciously.’”

The necessity of the law and enforcement of it becomes even more obvious when the fury of the leftists that want to push CRT comes out into the open, as can be watched here:

Tulsa Public Schools, for its part, defended the lessons that drew the State Board of Education’s ire and complained about a teacher shortage in a statement after the vote, saying:

In Tulsa, we are teaching our children an accurate – and at times painful, difficult and uncomfortable – history about our shared human experience. We also teach in a beautifully diverse community and need our team to work together to be prepared to do that well. To best do that and also to meet the state’s annual requirement that school districts offer a training about ‘race and ethnic education,’ we provided a training that included the topic of implicit bias. In this training, it is clear there is no statement or sentiment pronounced that people are racist–due to their race or any other factor. We would never support such a training.”

“It is notable that Governor Stitt’s state board of education spent significant time today talking about the complaints of one teacher in our district (among the hundreds of accreditation deficiencies statewide) and no time on the catastrophic teacher shortage facing every district in our state.

Fortunately for schoolchildren, however, the Board wasn’t dissuaded from its course of action by such hand-wringing and pearl-clutching about the virtue of teaching kids about “implicit bias”, and instead acted to keep CRT far from schools in the state.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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