“The most reckless and irresponsible administration”: Retired Colonel Sounds Off on Biden Regime in Wake of Escalatory Pelosi Trip

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s program on Monday evening, Ret. Col. Douglas Macgregor sounded off on the failings of the Biden regime and utter recklessness of the Pelosi trip to Taiwan, saying that the whole idea exposed Team Biden as the “most reckless and irresponsible administration in recent memory.”

Why? Because the US would be foolish to fight a naval war with China so far from our shores and close to theirs over an island that we would have trouble defending because of gross mismanagement and overstretching of our armed forces.

So, as we can’t win, stirring up trouble with China and starting a costly war we’re likely to lose is a very bad decision, and Biden’s willingness to go along with it is both reckless and idiotic: the Chinese are certainly horrible, but provoking them after years of degrading the military with wokeness seems far from a good decision.

Making that point, Macgregor began by thrashing Biden’s feckless administration and classifying the current Biden foreign policy apparatchiks as a bunch of “posers,” saying:

We have to admit this is probably the most reckless and irresponsible administration in living memory. We don’t have anyone that qualifies as a statesman. Statesmanship involves advancing American interests at the least cost of the American people.

None of that is in play here. We are dealing with a group of posers. People who are posturing, posturing is not statesmanship.

Continuing, Macgregor mercilessly exposed the reasons why America would lose in a conflict with Red China, saying:

The American people need to understand something that no one has bothered to tell them. That during World War II, Taiwan was the unsinkable aircraft carrier of the Imperial Japanese armed forces. All the major invasions of China were launched from Taiwan. Beijing will not allow Taiwan to become a garrison state for American armed forces or Japanese armed forces or any foreign power.

If they think that we are going to ally ourselves with Taiwan, if they think we are going to intervene to defend that island in the event of a dispute then we will be at war with China for the reasons that I just outlined. And we are not prepared for that.

We are grossly overstretched. We don’t have the logistical infrastructure and frankly it is an old adage that everyone should remember.

A ship’s a fool to fight a fort. You have to fight China from the sea. We can’t win that. China can observe everything we throw at it and the Chinese are happy to sit there, let us travel thousands of miles to reach them and then sink us…

But, with Biden letting Pelosi going on her trip and the woke Navy clanking along behind her, that increasingly looks like where we’re headed, which isn’t good.

America shouldn’t be in a position where it’s afraid to challenge China because of military weakness. But thanks to Team Biden’s employment of cretins like Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley, not to mention years of wokeness flowing through the military, it is. We can’t win such a war, at least according to Macgregor, so deescalating would be wise. Unfortunately, that’s not what has so far happened.

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