Tucker Asks The Important Question about Biden’s Acquiesance to Pelosi’s Trip to China, Reaches Highly Disturbing Conclusion

It might make sense that Pelosi wants to travel to Taiwan and infuriate Red China. Though her husband’s stock trades are suspicious, to say the least, she’s not necessarily completely soft on China hack that many in her party are.

In fact, back in the day, Nancy was something of a China hawk known for taking quite a strong stance on the communist dragon, raking it over the coals for its human rights record, particularly after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

So, though it’s weird to see her doing something that Trump should have done, it’s not completely out of left field for Nasty Nancy to be involved in a trip obviously meant to infuriate Red China, especially at a time when she needs to distract from the microchip stock trade her husband tried to make and the disastrously bad state of things domestically under the Biden regime.

For Biden, however, it’s a bid weirder that he’s letting Nancy take the trip. Unlike Pelosi, he’s never really been a China hawk and was instead at least somewhat involved in letting Hunter travel to the Middle Kingdom to collect bags of cash (or, more specifically, various jewels, investments in his fund, and no-limit credit cards) for the Biden family. Such an action doesn’t imply China hawkishness.

So why is he letting Pelosi travel to Taiwan right now, knowing, as he must, that that will very much irk the Red Chinese?

Such is what Tucker asked during part of his monologue last night, pointing out all the soft on China steps the Biden regime has taken and then asking why it is that now he’s letting Pelosi stir the hornets’ nest, reaching a highly disturbing conclusion.

Beginning that portion on his monologue, Tucker highlighted the various soft on China steps that Biden has taken and pointed out Biden’s utter lack of hawkishness regarding Red China, saying:

This is one of the weirdest moments in the weirdest presidency in American history. The Biden administration is provoking a hot war with China, which by itself would seem to be headline news, but why? It might make a kind of sense if Biden had been a China hawk over the course of his career, if he wasn’t taking money from the Chinese government, which he has, but of course, he’s the opposite of a China hawk. He is a toady to China. Since the day Biden was elected, he has helped the Chinese government in ways that no American president has ever even contemplated, a partial list. The administration helped cover up the origins of COVID even after it became very clear that this global pandemic, which wrecked the American economy, was created by the Chinese military, but we can’t mention that because it’s racist.

Then, the White House shut down a counterespionage program designed to stop Chinese spying, which is endemic in the United States. Then, Biden dropped tariffs against Chinese goods. Then, he refused to do anything to move critical manufacturing back to the United States. At the same time, he’s literally selling our strategic oil reserves to China in the middle of a domestic energy crisis and, by the way, handing our entire energy grid over to the government of China and then to top it off today, the Pentagon spokesman, John Kirby, who acts as the White House spokesman all of a sudden for some reason said this, “We do not support Taiwan independence.”

So what’s the ‘why’ behind it all? According to Tucker, it’s that the radical Biden regime is intent on weakening America, and perhaps even destroying it. Reaching that scary conclusion, one that has likely been obvious to some for quite awhile now, Tucker said:

When was the last time a White House said that? No, they don’t say that. Now they are saying it. “We don’t think Taiwan is its own country.” Okay. So, on every level, meaningfully, on the policy levels that matter, Biden has been more pro-China than any president and yet he seems to want a war with China. Now, this does not make any sense at all. In fact, it only makes sense if the Biden White House is intentionally trying to weaken and destroy the United States.

There’s no other logical explanation for what we’re seeing now and in fact the template is very familiar.

He highlighted that same conclusion in even more concerning language later in his monologue, saying:

If this goes forward, we will lose and yet, for some reason, the Biden administration has allowed Nancy Pelosi to go over there to provoke a military confrontation with China. Is there any other explanation other than they are rooting for the destruction of the United States? If there is one, text us.

Let’s hope he’s wrong and they’re not trying to destroy America, but the argument sure is convincing.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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