“We find ourselves…incapable of winning a war against China”: Tucker Highlights Disastrous State of American Military in Highly Important Monoluge

In what might be one of the most important segments of his show in a long time, and that’s taking into mind all Tucker has done to expose the craziness of the left and the radicalness of its positions, Tucker brutalized the current state of the US military in last night’s episode of his show, highlighting just how bad things have gotten in regards to the woke US armed forces.

That’s important, as it runs counter to what the average conservative likes to think about the military. To most who haven’t been paying attention, it’s still a bastion of patriotism and manly men doing manly things for whatever the American version of “king and country” is.

Problem is, that’s just not the case and hasn’t been since Biden took office, if not earlier. Rather than patriotism, honor, and courage reigning, wokeness and leftist political theory do, with the military being far more focused on race and gender than on finding out how to defeat the enemy, with the result being likely disaster if it’s forced to fight a peer opponent like China.

Such is what Tucker highlighted in a powerful monologue, describing the insane wokeness of the US military by saying:

More than 60,000 National Guard and Reserve soldiers just lost pay and benefits because they wouldn’t take the shot in the face of a mountain of evidence that the shot actually doesn’t work and can hurt you, particularly if you’re a young man who comprise the overall majority of our troops. Then the military once again telling White men that they’re privileged and inherently evil. Major General Ed Thomas, the Air Force recruitment director, published an op ed called (and we’re not making this up) “86% of Air Force pilots are White men. Here’s why this needs to change.” Really? The thousands of Air Force pilots who died in the service of their country happen to be White men. Their families are now being informed actually, they shouldn’t have been flying anyway because of their race.

So what does the Air Force want to become? Well, at the end of July, the Air Force hosts a diversity festival at Langley with a drag show, featuring a performer called Harpy Daniels. Of course, kids are welcome. The Air Force is also paying for a bouncy house and face painting for the children to keep them occupied between all the drag shows. Meanwhile in China, here’s a video the PLA just put out this week which shows a different kind of orientation. Watch this.

The video showed the Chinese military being full of stone cold killers ready to do violence on their nation’s behalf: they don’t mess around with drag shows for the troops over there.

Tucker, describing the difference and highlighting the problem that difference shows both with the military itself and with the average Republican’s stance on the military, then said:

Did you notice the difference? There were no trans admirals in that video. By the way, all this is publicly available. So, the next time you hear members of Congress, particularly Republican members of Congress, we can think of quite a few of them, starting with Liz Cheney, lecturing you about our military. “We support our military and we’re signing off on a brand-new military budget.” They’ve done nothing about this. The degradation of the U.S. military, politicized, woke, weak that’s happened with no oversight from the Congress. They just keep funding this stuff. They’re implicated in this.

Your politicians let this happen. The “support the troops” types let the woke officer corps and devious Democrats turn the military into a joke that’s now as liable to wreck its ships in accidents on the way to Red China as it is to be sunk by the Chinese once arriving in the Taiwan Straight.

Continuing, Tucker then continued to highlight where that fecklessness has gotten us, noting just how much the Chinese are outpacing us as they take warfighting seriously and we focus on purging white men from the armed forces. Making that point, he said:

There are also some pictures of China’s navy in the video you just saw. Turns out, China’s navy is now larger than ours. That’s a problem because once China controls the shipping lanes, China controls the economy of the world. According to The Spectator of London, this is worth thinking about, “If a naval blockade gave Beijing control of the export of Taiwan semiconductor industry,” which is huge, “then Western leaders would find themselves beholden to China to keep their economies going. Russia’s use of gas to dampen West Western opposition to its actions in Ukraine would be dwarfed by China’s ability to hold the world ransom through control of Taiwan’s chips.”

In other words, if we went to war with China (and we’re moving in that direction), the Chinese could simply turn off our economy because our people in charge of our country have made no preparations for this. The Chinese government could prevent us from having, I don’t know, cars that run, refrigerators, cell phones, computers. They would also be able to stop exports of antibiotics. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, Chinese pharmaceutical companies supply more than 90% of American antibiotics as well as ibuprofen, take Advil, vitamin C, hydrocortisone, which treats asthma and arthritis. China supplies more than 70% of acetaminophen, often called Tylenol. What else does China make? Well, China makes everything, for example, you need to transport goods across the country. China produces 96% of the world’s shipping containers. They make 80% of the cranes that carry cargo from the ship to the dock.

So, because this has been coming at us in slow motion for a decade and a half and no one’s done anything about it, we find ourselves right now August 1, 2022, incapable of winning a war against China. If this goes forward, we will lose and yet, for some reason, the Biden administration has allowed Nancy Pelosi to go over there to provoke a military confrontation with China

All that’s to say, if Pelosi’s trip does land us in a war with the Red Chinese, it’s not one that it looks like we can win. Rather, such a war would be a disaster, with the blame for that humiliating defeat being firmly placed on the shoulders of our feckless politicians and shoulder boards of our woke admirals and generals. At least Tucker is courageous enough to warn us about it ahead of time.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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