WOW: Sen. Cotton DECIMATES Biden, Exposes His Contemptible Weakness

Senator Tom Cotton, one of the better fighters in the GOP’s Senate contingent, recently appeared on Fox News Channel and ripped Slow Joe Biden to shreds, blasting him for both his corruption and his contemptible weakness, as shown by the recent student debt forgiveness announcement and the withdrawal of Afghanistan.

Speaking on the topic of how Biden has acted in a sickeningly corrupt and tyrannical manner by stretching the law beyond all recognition to “forgive” student loans without having to deal with trying to push such an idea through the legislature, Senator Cotton said:

This is really a classic progressive move. Rather than going through the people’s elected representatives, the members of Congress, Joe Biden has used the vast powers of the administrative state to reward his political supporters in higher education.

“This should be done, again, by law. It should not be used old laws that don’t apply to these circumstances that are stretched beyond all recognition. But, again, as I explain in my book ‘Only the Strong,’ this is a classic progressive move.

They don’t respect the constitution. They don’t want to use our constitutional system of government. They want to use the vast administrative state they have created over the last century to advance their own political goals and reward their own political supporters.”

In other words, they couldn’t care less about you or the Constitution of these United States that they’re supposed to be upholding. Instead, they’d rather just keep wielding their power to the maximum extent permitted them.

But that attack on Biden’s corruption and tyranny wasn’t all that Senator Cotton had to say. He also also savaged Biden over his weakness as shown by our humiliating rout from Afghanistan about a year ago, saying:

“Well, Brian, it’s another example of President Biden’s disgraceful weakness that is threatening us not just in Afghanistan but all around the world. Today is the one year anniversary of the tragic suicide bombing in Afghanistan that killed 13 of our brave troops, hundreds of innocent civilians, one of those Marines had ties to Arkansas, Taylor Hoover, I remember meeting his family last year at the memorial service for him.

“I want to offer my prayers and my condolences to all those we lost and their families and their loved ones, this was a tragedy but it was also more than a tragedy, Brian. As you point out, it was a strategic disaster of the first order. As I explain in my book ‘Only the Strong,’ there is a reason why Vladimir Putin began building up troops on Ukraine’s border just a few weeks after the debacle in Afghanistan, why Xi Jinping thinks he can fire missiles all around Taiwan and get away with it, why the ayatollahs in Iran think they can send operatives to America to assassinate former government officials, or why one almost did fulfill the Ayatollah’s fatwa against Salman Rushdie, nearly killing him a few weeks ago.

“It all goes back to Joe Biden and the way he projects weakness. That weakness was on display most notably in Afghanistan.”

Indeed. And now our enemies are empowered as our senile president calls half the country “semi-fascists”.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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