Yikes: Former Trump Advisor Exposes “Biden-Created Crisis” Creating “Modern-Day Slavery” at the Border

Speaking with Fox News Channel’s Jesse Watters about the illegal immigration problem, former Trump White House Advisor Stephen Miller sounded off on the current situation at the border, one he contends is both a “Biden-created crisis” and “modern slavery.”

Commenting on what the states are doing and how Biden’s policies have made things worse for the states, Miller ripped Biden for the disastrously bad border situation, saying:

I mean, the governor of Texas is doing the best he can under extremely difficult circumstances. This is a Biden-created crisis. These are a humanitarian tragedy unfolding every single day, created solely and exclusively by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the president of the United States.

Continuing, Miller argued that while the border state governors are doing the best they can, the current situation is a bad one that he contended had no historical precedent. Speaking on that, Miller also argued that the issue needs to be one brought to the forefront rather than “relegated to the back pages,” saying:

“And so the Texas governor, the Arizona governor, they’re on the receiving end of a calamity that has no precedence in human history. It doesn’t have a comparison point. I just hope that with that taking place tonight that everyone will begin talking about this on a daily basis, and won’t be relegated to the back pages anymore. It will be at the front of our national dialog, the front of our national conversation, something we’re all engaging in on a daily basis in a country of conscience, in a country of morality.”

The Goth invasions of Late Empire Western Rome might be a historical comparison, but Miller has a point that the situation is a terrible one that is seemingly growing more and more out of control by the day.

Continuing with his point that the border situation is a humanitarian disaster, Miller also argued that the current situation is essentially one of modern-day slavery, saying:

We need Republicans to understand this is modern-day slavery at our border. This is sex trafficking. Little girls, little boys, are being raped in stash houses. Every day we need to be talking about this.”

Miller then emphasized what he thinks needs to be done, saying that the legislature should have to do, calling for a vote on handling the border and saying that those allowing the crisis to happen have earned “eternal infamy” for letting such bloodthirsty evildoers control the border.

“We need to be saying to Chuck Schumer, you’re not going adjourn the Senate. You need to stay here and we’re going to vote…The American people need to be told the election is a referendum on this evil, grave immorality playing out every single day on our border, that when you’re going to vote, you’re voting on whether or not we allow murderers, raging, bloodthirsty criminal cartels to be in control of 2,000 miles of our sovereign border.

“Because you know what, if we don’t elect a new majority to shut this thing down, then this evil will only worsen and multiply and history will record, with the greatest astonishment, that we allowed it to happen. Shame on Biden. Shame on Pelosi. Shame on Schumer. They have earned eternal infamy for what they’ve done to this country and what they’ve done to our cities.”

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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