“You Have to Hire Armed Goons To Make People Obey”: New IRS Plans DECIMATED [WATCH]

When the IRS posted a job offering that said it was looking for agents that could wield a weapon, indicating that armed and armored IRS agents are going to be going after Americans, Republicans started waking up to “what time it is” and sounding off on that agency too.

Leading the charge against the IRS and its goon squads last night was Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, who ridiculed the IRS and commented on how things are now getting so bad and seeming so unfair that the IRS is hiring armed goons to collect revenues for the feds to waste on God knows what, saying:

Not a penny more! You can’t blame the guy. He’s just a mannequin. One group of Americans will not pay more: Biden donors, the richest people in the country. Thanks to the Democratic Party’s hedge fund support, and they have a lot of that, private equity – still carried into this loophole in our tax code. That means that people who work in finance, they are able to report their income with interest, and pay half of the taxes that you do. No one can defend this policy. It’s indefensible. They are embarrassed of it. It’s a scam. It remains in our tax code.

“In case the message wasn’t clear – gives the IRS another $80 billion, 87,000 new auditors. What about the ones that are not new auditors at the IRS – the question down like thing is if the tax code just keeps getting more unfair every year, you have to hire armed goons to make people pay. 7,000 new armed IRS agents.

“The IRS currently has about 78,000 total, so this bill will make the IRS larger than the army of the nations of Italy, Philippines, the U.K. Thanks, Joe Manchin. We are sure what we will be doing, but we have this IRS training video accounts are also law enforcement officers, which is interesting because a lot of special agents – we get to do the same things like other law enforcement officers do.”

Get a $610 Venmo payment from a friend you didn’t record on your tax return? Get ready to get blasted by James Bond, CPA and his buddy Sergei, the former NKVD goon that knows how to intimidate “enemies of the state” with a truncheon and tommy gun.

Watch Tucker sound off on the IRS here:

And while Tucker was leading the charge against the IRS hiring a bunch of jackboots to act like Stasi officers with pocket protectors, he wasn’t the only one.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did as well, saying the plan was a “middle finger” in the face of every American.

Also joining the anti-IRS sound-off was Matt Gaetz who, when speaking to Tucker, hammered the IRS for acting like a groop of goons and ridiculed the rest of the bureaucrats and “anti-racist” hogwash involved in the Inflation Reduction Act, saying:

“It sounds like Joe Biden’s vision for America is an armed IRS agent in an electric car on an anti-racist road somewhere. And just the lack of self-awareness here is so pronounced, these Biden government officials are making Liz Cheney look humble.

“I mean, you can’t eat your way skinny, you can’t drink yourself sober, and you can’t spend your way out of inflation, which is probably why every Democrat senator from Joe Manchin to even Bernie Sanders is saying that this won’t reduce inflation. It does do some very dangerous things. That $25 million you mentioned from the Government Accountability Office exists to ensure that every dollar of this three-quarters of a trillion dollars is spent to advance the left’s version of equity.

“Now that’s not equal opportunity. That means we all end up in the same place and all of these circumstances. Tucker, the American people wanted cheap gas, safe streets and a secure border, and instead we’ve got a climate core and a war on cow farts and a bunch of bureaucrats yelling at cops and farmers, calling them racist. How is that in any way delivering for our country?

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