“A Trojan Horse”: GOP Hopeful Exposes Massive Threat Posed by TikTok

Katie Britt is the GOP nominee for Alabama’s Senate seat that up for re-election this November and, as such, is someone worth listening to, as her ideas could well become law if the GOP retakes power. Given that Alabama is ruby red, she’ll be in the Senate unless she runs an egregiously bad campaign. With that in mind, the news for TikTok, the Chinese data harvesting app that’s captured a huge chunk of the youth market and now has a massive user base, isn’t great.

That’s because Britt is taking after the Trump administration and skewering TikTok, which she called a “Trojan horse” on Twitter, saying:

TikTok is a Trojan horse that steals data to give to the Chinese Communist Party.

If TikTok retains its ties to communist China, there is no deal that can protect Americans. #alsen

She also spoke to Breitbart News on the matter and pledged to protect America’s national security interests in a not so veiled pledge to take on TikTok, saying

“As parents, we used to be able to keep our children safe at night by locking the doors. However, as technology has advanced, it is clear that the danger can now be inside our homes on our devices. While I share the same concerns related to TikTok about the quiet damage that social media apps in general are doing to our children, TikTok is uniquely dangerous in that it’s also a serious national security risk.

“This is something that has been affirmed previously by the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and State, and these concerns are shared across the aisle — including by the Democratic chair and Republican vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

“Whether it’s American citizens’ biometric data or data such as birth dates, phone numbers, behavioral targeting results, or device identification information, it is reckless and dangerous to risk the Chinese Communist Party having access. We must not lose sight of the fact that the CCP is our greatest adversary, and everything they do comes through a lens of trying to gain leverage at our expense.

The CCP is a regime that is committing genocide against its own people, routinely engages in human rights abuses, viciously stifles democracy and free speech, and seeks to undermine American interests at every turn, from stealing our intellectual property and undercutting our steel makers and Gulf shrimpers to buying up American farmland near military installations and launching cyber attacks across the globe. They cannot be trusted. I will work tirelessly in the Senate to protect our children and our national security interests.

So at least someone in the GOP other than Trump is wary of TikTok. Given that Mitch McConnell’s fortune is tied to a Chinese shipping company, however, it seems unlikely that Britt and other China hawks will have much success taking on Red China so long as he’s in the halls of power.

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