“Authoritarian Cult”: Crazy Congressman Launches Absurd Attack on Trump, Electoral College

As if any more evidence was needed that the bad orange man and all those bad orange things that he does are living rent-free in the minds of delusional, crazed leftists, New York Congressman Jamie Raskin showed as much during a recent appearance on MSNBC.

Ranting, rambling, and raving like the best of his party’s pearl clutchers, Raskin went on a no-holds-barred offensive against that which stands in the way of Democrat domination of America, namely the electoral college and former (and likely future) President Donald Trump.

Speaking on the topic of the electoral college, for instance, Raskin said that it’s “an accident waiting to happen” after a long, rambling rant about how trump was involved in a “conspiracy”. In his words:

Obviously, we’re gonna need some legislative changes to the criminal code, to account for, now the possibility of presidents taking a headlong rush at seizing the presidency. But there are federal statutes out there that will do the job. We have course have seditious conspiracy. We have conspiracy to interfere with the federal proceeding, which I think everybody can agree took place here. After, all the whole chant was ‘stop the steal’…They assaulted federal officers, all in order to interfere with a federal proceeding…Even if it were spontaneous, of course, there are people who agreed to go in together and do it. But this thing was planned.

“So, yeah, I think that we will have to look at some new federal statutory changes. And we have to look at the way that the electoral system itself is vulnerable to strategic bad faith actors like Donald Trump. The Electoral College is an accident waiting to happen and we have to deal with that at some point in American history. Why not now.”

But Raskin was just getting started with sending the cat and wine aunts watching MSNBC into a tizzy. Moving on, Raskin then accused Trump of turning the GOP into an “authoritarian cult,” saying:

“He was definitely purchasing a lot of goodwill from people who were perspective witnesses against him in subsequent criminal or civilian — civil prosecutions or congressional investigation. That does demonstrate the slipperiness of our campaign finance laws. But Donald Trump is someone who pushes everything to the max. They turn this into a moneymaking enterprise.

“He of course is now the king of the hill in the Republican Party, he’s got all the money and all of the members of Congress are terrified of him that he would endure somebody against them or spend their money against them. They are completely beholden to the guy and Abraham Lincoln’s party has become the authoritarian cult of Donald Trump.”

Funny how it’s the guy whose home was raided by jackboots who is an “authoritarian,” not the party who sent those American Stasi agents after him…

In any case, that still wasn’t enough for Raskin, who then went on to accuse Trump of turning the presidency into a moneymaking enterprise, something that flies in the face of fact considering that Trump lost hundreds of millions during his time in office, if not a billion.

Though their delusions are worrisome, as they portend stormclouds on the horizon for liberty, it is fun watching how insane the left gets about Trump. He has a way of driving them mad like no other.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Facebook and Subscribe to My Email List

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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