BOOM: DOJ, Leftie Trump Narrative DEMOLISHED by Hannity, Levin

As things have gotten worse and worse in Joe Biden’s America, he bizarrely doubled down on crazy and raided Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. Why? Well, who knows. His brain is about as functional as a rotten eggplant, so it was almost certainly the idea of some advisor in his administration.

Regardless, it’s what those fools did, and now they’re struggling to explain the “why” behind the raid other than that either a) Trump was going to sell our nuclear secrets or b) the bad orange man is a bad orange man. That second option and the fact that they wanted to intimidate the political opposition.

And so certain figures on the right are taking a jackhammer to the vestiges of the claim that the FBI goons raided Mar-a-Lago for a legitimate reason, among them FNC’s Sean Hannity and Mark Levin.

Hannity, for example, did his part by having Trump’s current lawyer on his show. She ripped into the intent of the DOJ and exposed that what they really want is to help Biden in the midterms. In her words:

 “More importantly, what they argued in their appeal was that not only do they want to appeal this Special Master decision, but they also — and this is what I think is the most important — they want the injunction to stop so that they can continue their investigation and their criminal action, potential criminal action against Donald Trump. Why is that, Sean? Well, because November is a big election and Biden’s down in the polls.

“This is the reality of our situation right now, America. We are literally in the most dual — as you said, there’s dual systems for justice. If you are a Trump, if you are anybody else, it’s different. It’s not right. And if Hunter was Eric Trump or Don Jr. or Ivanka, God knows there would be some monster investigation, they would be in cuffs, paraded around the FBI. It’s actually absurd.”

During his program, Levin jumped into the fight and hammered the DOJ as well, joking that Mar-a-Lago was as protected as Fort Knox and that the only real danger is coming from the leakers in the FBI and Deep State. Speaking on those leakers and exposing the DOJ as just wanting to cover up its malfeasance, Levin said:

“Now, we have people all over TV, former federal prosecutors who are a dime a dozen. There’s thousands and thousands of them. And Mr. Bill Barr going on and on about howgraphy grave this is so here we have Mar-a-Lago, which is a compound that is protected by government secret service agents.

“Here we have Mar-a-Lago which they want you to think is just some kind of a country club, where none of the information has been leaked, including to the “Washington Post.” So the only leakers here are the Department of Justice and they do not want a special master. Why? Why, America? It’s a cover-up. That’s why. They don’t want you to know everything that the Department of Justice grabbed out of Donald Trump’s home. And so we’re supposed to indict Donald Trump over this.”

Levin also mocked Trump’s former AG, Bill Barr, saying:

“First of all, one of the things I say is I notice Bill Barr’s out there trashing former President Trump. I think he’s on cable TV more than an erectile dysfunction at this point, Sean Hannity. I don’t know what his problem is, but there’s a couple of issues here I would raise with him and the nation. Who’s in charge of this investigation? It’s the attorney general of the United States. He hasn’t recused himself. He hasn’t appointed somebody else. He’s in charge of every aspect of this investigation, including the search warrant. So that is a huge problem.”

Great stuff from Hannity and Levin! Let’s hope they keep it up and keep the pressure up on the FBI!

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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