BOOM: Epic Video Shows that “FJB” Season is Back!

College football season is back and so FJB season is finally back at long last too, with conservative college kids around the country sounding off on the Biden regime that has done so much to immiserate them.

And so FJB season, after hints that it might be back when kids outside a dorm thanks to a fire alarm went viral chanting “f*** Joe Biden,” after Biden’s presidential limo was greeted by chants of FJB in London, after Biden was heckled by cries of FJB during his creepy, dystopian speech about defending “our democracy” from Trump supporters, is finally back to being a football chant.

This year’s football rendition of the hilarious chant heard round the world was spotted at a tailgate at Sam Houston State University (Go Bearkats!), with the college kids and drunken revelers getting a great “f*** Joe Biden” chant going while enjoying a nice Saturday.

Unfortunately, the video can’t be embedded because it was posted to Instagram and this site does allow embedding Instagram links. However, if you’d like to watch the video, just click here:

Despite the general reputation that college kids have for being liberal, their tendency to resort to “f*** Joe Biden” chants makes sense when you think about it. Their lives have been wrecked by the idiots in charge.

Between the inane nonsense pushed by the Covid bureaucrats that made college campuses miserable for years, the inflation that’s driving the cost of everything up tremendously, the potential war in Eastern Europe that they could all be drafted to fight, and the tanking economy that’s gonna make it even harder for them to get jobs when they graduate, it makes sense that they’re dissatisfied with the current regime.

And that’s before taking into account that many of the anti-Biden protesters are white men, people who are constantly spit on and attacked by the ruling regime as represented by Biden. Because they’re white men, they’re hated by the critical race theory-obsessed left and the institutions that those CRT wackjobs have infiltrated, particularly the prestigious companies and other top jobs that college kids might want to get when they graduate.

“Too bad, you’re white and male. We have to give this job to some H1b from India instead. Learn to code, racist!”

Well, all that’s bubbling to the surface. Slowly, to be sure, but surely nonetheless. These kids get it. They see what’s going on, see how the “anti-racist” elites are stealing their futures from them with everything from CRT to inflation, and they’re furious.

Plus, mocking the senile president in such a vulgar, blatantly disrespectful was is just fun, as Biden clearly deserved every bit of what’s heaped on him.

And so FJB season is back with football season. Now that it’s taken the tailgates again, we just need to get it booming around inside the stadiums too. Those videos, of tens of thousands chanting it, were some of the funniest of last year. Now we need to bring them back.

By: Gen Z Conservative

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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