BOOM: GOP Lawmakers Expose the “Equity Warriors” Relief Funds Paid For

Remember all that money spent by the government during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, the trillions of dollars printed and sent out in various rounds of stimulus payments and other programs? Guess how much of it was spent on Critical Race Theory and “equity warriors.”

Perhaps somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 billion, between $122 billion from Biden’s so-called “American Rescue Plan,” over $54 billion from the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations act, and a bit over $13 billion in the CARES Act. Those billions were appropriated for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief fund (ESSER), which some states are using to push CRT on school kids.

Such is what Reps. James Comer and Virginia Foxx exposed in a recent, scathing letter to U.S. Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, blasting the use of billions of funds on far-left, progressive agenda items.

Describing the American Rescue Plan and the billions appropriated via it for education that are now being used for leftist causes, the authors say:

The American Rescue Plan (ARP)—a Democrat spending bill—provided more than $120 billion in Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds to enable schools to safely reopen and address learning loss caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With regard to the funds in ARP, Senator Warnock of Georgia said, “This is one moment in which it’s very clear that public policy is quite literally a matter of life and death … more than $4 billion to the state of Georgia’s K-12 schools to ensure students, teachers, and staff stay safe and healthy, and to address learning loss.”Now it is being reported that those “life and death” funds are being used to push left leaning ideologies in public schools rather than to fix the significant academic gaps caused by COVID school closures.

After recapping the billions upon billions of dollars appropriated for ESSER in the aforementioned spending bills, the letter’s authors then gave examples of how far-left state legislatures are spending the funds on far-left nonsense. In one passage, for example, they say:

Instead of using ESSER funds to address these dramatic learning losses, some states are spending taxpayer dollars to push progressive left causes. For example, California used ESSER funds for training in “environmental literacy,” “ethnic studies,” and “LGBTQ+ cultural competency.” New York used part of the $9 billion it received to provide staff development on “culturally responsive sustaining instruction” and “privilege” and to recognize “equity warriors.” Illinois received $5.1 billion, which it partially used to emphasize “equity and diversity” and make “equity driven investments.” At least ten other state plans included proposals to use the ESSER funds to implement racially biased curriculum and programs based on Critical Race Theory.

So that’s where your tax dollars are going! Keep working so that the far-left can take your money or devalue it by printing more money and then use those funds to teach your kids to be “equity warriors.” Sounds just like the America the founders intended on creating.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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