BOOM: Harriet Hageman Helpfully Explains How She DEMOLISHED Liz Cheney

Harriet Hageman is the Trump-backed GOP candidate for Wyoming’s sole Congressional seat that just thrashed Liz Cheney in the GOP primary for that seat. And by “thrashed” I really mean “thrashed.” Like beat her so bad a dictator in Equatorial Guinea would blush, beat her so bad that UN vote counters would have gotten involved if this were some third-world hellhole, beat her by so large a margin that even Twitter would have let people cry “fraud!”.

But there was no fraud. There was just Liz Cheney being absolutely horrible and totally unappealing to anyone without a deep-seated hatred of the bad orange man. Between her rubbing elbows with Democrats, friendship with the nasty RINO Adam Kinzinger, and constant attacks on Trump and real Republicans, no one in the ruby red state of Wyoming wanted to vote for Liz. And so she lost convincingly.

Now, Hageman is speaking out on why she won, describing how she was able to so convincingly crush Liz “the RINO” Cheney in the primary race. In doing so, she provides a lesson not only for those other GOP candidates taking on RINOs, but all those real Republicans that constantly have to bicker and fight with the RINOs among us. That lesson? Be a conservative.

Speaking on her win with Byron York, Hageman emphasized both that she’s a good candidate and has a record of fighting for Wyoming, saying:

One is, I’m a good candidate, and I’m going to be a good member of Congress…I have been fighting for Wyoming. I wasn’t just running against Liz Cheney, which I think is what some people, especially back in D.C., might think. I was running for Wyoming. I was running to address the issues that are important to us.”

Additionally, Hageman attributed some of the responsibility for her win to Liz Cheney’s never being in the state of Wyoming, saying that she “never answered for her votes, never answered for the decisions she made.” What that looked like, Hageman added, was that the Beltway-loving RINO, “simply abandoned Wyoming, [and] I think what it exposed was that she had used Wyoming for the last six years as a mechanism to get power, but she didn’t actually represent Wyoming’s interests.

Oh, and perhaps best of all, Hageman did what nasty Liz Cheney never would and pledged to support former President Trump if he runs again in 2024, saying “If he chooses to do that, I would support him.” She added that “I miss President Trump. His policies were really incredible for the United States, and they were especially incredible for Wyoming.

So now the great state of Wyoming will finally have a member of Congress that supports Trump, the best Republican we’ve seen since Reagan. And her lesson for fighting RINOs like Cheney? Stand up for your people, not the Beltway. And just keep fighting for conservative values; victory will follow if you do what’s right.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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