BOOM: Tucker Delivers Devastating Monologue Blasting Greasy Gavin Newsom, Biden, MSM [WATCH]

Tucker had quite the night last night, slamming everyone from California’s horrible governor, Greasy Gavin Newsom, to the MSM hacks that have been repeating Biden’s “semi-fascism” slur with glee, tearing into the whole rotten crop of them.

He took a particularly no-holds-barred, “raise the black flag” line of attack when dealing with Newsom, playing a clip of Gavin telling Californians to crank up their thermostats to deal with the heat wave and then slamming the greasy-haired governor for turning California into Guinea-Bissau. In the clip, Newsom said:

“These triple-digit temperatures throughout much of our state are leading, not surprisingly, to record demand on the energy grid. Everyone has to do their part to help step up for just a few more day. And today and tomorrow afternoon, after 4:00 P.M., in particular 4:00 P.M., please turn your thermostat up to 78 or higher and avoid, to the extent possible, using any really large appliances.”

That’s when Tucker jumped in, hitting Gavin with a vengeance and saying:

Oh, so you run the state into the ground, make it look like Guinea-Bissau, our richest state is now the most dysfunctional state. You did that, Gavin Newsom, you and the one-party political machine in your state, but it’s the residents’ fault. ‘Do your part. Don’t use your appliances.’ This is insane.

Indeed it is, particularly given that California just banned the sale of combustion-powered cars starting in 2035 yet is, in the meantime, telling electric vehicle owners not to charge their cars because of the heat wave…that’ll end well.

But that wasn’t all. Tucker also hit Brandon’s recent remarks hard and skewered those who have been pushing the “semi-fascist” line or otherwise cheering Biden’s insanely escalatory rhetoric, saying:

Joe Biden calls for political purges and law enforcement crackdowns on the political opponents and state media cheer him on. In a speech about the threats to our republic, Joe Biden doesn’t mention anything but domestic threats. He doesn’t mention China a single time, didn’t mention the border or fentanyl or crime. He only mentioned people who oppose him politically.

“And once again, like the obedient little servants they are, our media cheered him on. You have to wonder about their views on authoritarianism. Obviously, they’re for it.

Speaking of fascism, during another part of the show, FNC’s Trace Gallagher took Jon Stewart to task for awarding medals to Azov Battalion Nazis (at the same time Brandon smears Republicans as “semi-fascists”), saying:

“Turns out the journey from fascism to heroism now only takes a few months. Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several media outlets, including the U.S. government’s own Voice of America, were happy to lash out at Ukraine’s Azov Battalion for embracing Nazism. Now the U.S. appears to be embracing the Azov Battalion, at the happiest place on Earth no less. Here’s the deal: during the Defense Department’s annual war games at Disney World in Orlando, liberal comedian Jon Stewart reportedly awarded Ihor Halushka, a member of the Ukraine’s Azov force, the ‘Heart of the Team Award’ for his inspiration, his shining example and, of course, his humor.

“We’re told Halushka happily accepted his award with a sleeve over his left arm, a left arm that has previously been photographed with a Nazi tattoo. We should note the Azov Battalion member picked up his award with many people, including Jon Stewart, chanting ‘Ihor! Ihor!’ Meantime, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy remotely rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange today. It wasn’t just symbolic, mind you. Zelenskyy was also pitching his country looking for money — in other words, asking investors to support the nation’s projects. Google, and Microsoft have already invested.”

So things are going very poorly right now, but at least Tucker and his guests are calling out the utter insanity gripping our ruling “elite”.

Watch Tucker slam Biden here:

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