“Freedom vs. Socialism”: Sen. Tuberville Attempts to Reframe Midterm Battle

During an interview with an Alabama radio station, Alabama’s Senator Tommy Tuberville attempted to reframe the midterm fight, casting it as a fight not between Democrats and Republicans but rather between freedom and socialism.

Speaking on that point, Senator Tuberville said:

“You just never know. Anything can happen in the next 48-49 days, Jeff. I’m just hoping people understand this is not Democrat-Republican. This is capitalism and freedom versus socialism. That’s exactly what it is.

“And again, I’m disappointed in a lot of my Democratic colleagues up here. They don’t believe this. The people they’re representing don’t believe this. But they’re voting with these far-left goofballs that want to bring our country to our knees.”

Continuing, Sen. Tuberville slammed the Democrats other than Manchin and Sinema for just going along with President Biden’s radical plans and indicated that he thinks their going along with worse and worse plans will push Democrats into the arms of Republicans, saying:

“And if the Democratic Party would just stand up – some of them just stand up like Joe Manchin has at times, [Kyrsten] Sinema has at times if we had about 10 of them, which they would say, ‘I don’t care if I get reelected or not. This is wrong. This is not what people back in my state believe.’ They don’t do it.

“They’re like the pied piper – just follow the pied piper down the road of destruction. Hopefully, people are starting to see that. I think you’re going to start to see a lot of Democrats cross the line and vote for Republicans this November.

We’ll see how effective Sen. Tuberville’s attempts to reframe the situation is.

On one hand, the anti-socialism arguments still holds some degree of weight with conservatives, particularly those that grew up during the Cold War and voted for presidents like Ronald Reagan because of their pledges to resist the “Evil Empire.”

Further, socialism has obviously failed wherever it has been tried, so being opposed to it is a good way of signaling that you don’t want America to fail economically, which could be an effective strategy right now thanks to how things are going under Biden.

But, on the other hand, the New Right has largely moved on from the socialism fight. Yes, socialism was bad and we don’t want it here. But the real problem with BLM, Antifa, and the rest isn’t that they’re socialists, though they are. The real problem with them is that they’re wreckers, that they want to pull down all the pillars of Western Civilization and destroy what better men built.

The fight now is not an economic debate, as it was during the Cold War. The fight now is a cultural one. Though Alabama is ruby red and going down the dead-end path of ranting about socialism probably won’t hurt Senator Tuberville, he and his colleagues need to wake up to what time it is. The problem isn’t socialism right now, it’s the culture war, and winning that war is a must.

By: Gen Z Conservative

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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