Insane: MSNBC Lunatics Make Yet More Crazed Claims, Call for Dramatic Escalation against Trump [WATCH]

What’s going on over at the radical leftist propaganda station known as MSNBC right now? The crazy kooks employed by it or who appear as guests on it are continuing to go absolutely berserk because, in their view, the bad orange man did bad orange things and hasn’t yet been drawn and quartered for his crimes against “our democracy.”

Such is what two MSNBC hacks in particular showed during a recent segment of MSNBC’s “The Reid Out.” During that segment of The Reid Out, they absolutely freaked out. MSNBC’s always insane Elie Mystal, that wackjob with hair somehow crazier than he is, leading the charge and claiming that a judge sided with Trump not because of the legal arguments presented but because she doesn’t believe in the rule of law, saying that the special master was appointed:

Because she’s biased and corrupt. Like, I don’t know what to tell everybody anymore. Like, I’ve been saying this since he took office. When you allow Republicans to control the courts, you get nothing. Trump judges do not believe in the rule of law. They do not believe in precedent. They do not believe in facts. They do not believe in logic. They just believe in whatever will help Donald Trump, and they’ve proven it again and again and again.

“So when I say that you cannot trust Trump judges, I don’t know what more evidence you need for that fact, right? Like, look, the argument that he has executive privilege is so what the scientists would call stupid, that it’s difficult to explain it, right? Like, the idea that — first of all, privilege goes to the current president. We only have one president at a time, so it’s not Trump’s privilege to have. But even if it was, as you point out, with Bill Barr who believes that the executive of the United States is something closer to a king than a president, even Bill Barr says that if he had a privilege, that privilege still goes with the government and not with Trump.

“So these documents belong in the Archives. It would be like Trump’s call for executive privilege over the plane and then parked the plane, the Air Force One, at Mar-a-Lago. Can’t do that. Even if it was his, we have the right to take it back. But when you allow Trump judges to infect the system, these are the kind of decisions you get.

As the Star Wars meme goes, “amazing, every word you just said was wrong.” There is residual privilege from Trump’s administration and Trump was free to declassify documents and take them to Mar-a-Lago before his term was up. Those are the simple facts of the matter, whatever the crazy guy is claiming.

But he wasn’t the only one to act like a complete loon on cable during The Reid Out.MSNBC’s Kirscher went on a perhaps even more crazy tear against Trump, claiming that it’s high time that Trump be arrested. In Krschner’s words:

“Both are intelligence community and our law enforcement community must be beside themselves right now because Donald Trump absolutely has information and evidence about how those documents that he stole and unlawfully concealed at Mar-a-Lago might have compromised national security. The reason I state that definitively, because he knows, who he let take the snapshot and the information that was in those two or three empty classified documents folders.

“In his and from outward appearances and has done nothing to extract it from him, and just imagine if other living presidents and President Bush and President Clinton and President Carter and President Obama had information up here that could help protect our national security, that could help mitigate a national security threat, do you think they would just sit back and keep it to themselves? They couldn’t spring to the executive branch quickly enough to share it, to provide it, to mitigate the threat. This executive branch, this Department of Justice has not at least as far as we know demanded Donald Trump sit down for an interview and debrief to provide the information he has up here about what he did with those documents that could help protect our nation and this Department of Justice hasn’t subpoenaed him to divulge what he knows about compromise our national security…

One thing at a time and the first step on the road to trying to protect our nation and the third thing that they could be doing and they’re not, they could be arresting Donald Trump because they have probable cause plus, plus, plus arrest him, mirandize him, and miranda is still a thing and interrogate him. If he waives his miranda rights and extract from him information that can protect our national security as best we can tell the Department of Justice is doing none of that.”

So the left has gone berserk yet again. All it took was another run-in with the bad orange man.

Enjoy watching them lose their minds here:

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