LOL: Former Top Trump Aide Makes Hilarious Suggestion about How GOP Governors Should Keep Up Pressure on Dems

Stephen Miller was a senior advisor for policy in the Trump White House and served as White House director of speechwriting to President Donald Trump. During his time as a Trump Advisor, Miller was known mainly for his fierce loyalty to the president, a loyalty confirmed in the eyes of many by the FBI coming after him now, and for his fiercely anti-illegal immigration views.

And now, though the FBI is coming for him (something that many think is a consequence of his close relationship with President Trump), Miller is back at it, firing off anti-illegal immigration broadsides on Fox News.

Recently he did so with a hilarious suggestion about what GOP governors should be doing right now to keep pressuring Democrats as ordinary Americans wake up to how bad the illegal immigration problem has gotten. Speaking on that, Miller took DeSantis’ recent migrants to Martha’s Vineyard stunt to a whole new level and suggested that GOP governors should be sending the illegal immigrants to all the nice places where lefties like hanging out, saying:

For the first time in more than a year, the media, the leftist media, CNN, MSNBC, “the Washington Post,” “New York Times,” PBS and on down, are finally paying attention to the daily atrocity that’s happening at our southern border because of Joe Biden’s anti-enforcement, anti-constitution policies.

“So my message to every Republican governor tonight is in every instance that you can, take the illegal immigrants in your state, the law allows you to and put them into the neighborhood of rich, Democrats that are financing Joe Biden. Put them into Silicon Valley where Mark Zuckerberg lives. Put them into Hainesport. Put them into Nantucket. Put them into every rich, exclusive enclave.

“By the way, I can think of no better place than Martha’s Vineyard. If you actually believe the nonsense that these are asylum seekers and these are not, these are illegal immigrants coming here for jobs and benefits. Martha’s Vineyard is the place we should set up tents, we should set up shelters and they should be there while they are waiting for their hearings.”

What makes it even better is that the illegal immigrants likely wouldn’t complain, making it even easier for GOP governors to send them to those leftist-filled paradises. Why? Because they, like anyone else, enjoy the nice places.

Such is what MSNBC reported in a hilarious segment about the illegals that DeSantis shipped to the leftist enclave, saying that the illegals thought they were brought to paradise. In the words of MSNBC’s Londono:

Most of them didn’t know Martha’s Vineyard existed when they were brought here. Some thought they had just landed in New York or somewhere. They didn’t know this was an island.

“And they left here a few minutes ago, they moved to Cape Cod to the joint base in Cape Cod with new clothes, new cell phones, having talked to lawyers for the first time, saying they were brought to paradise.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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