LOL: Hilarious Messages Show Martha’s Vineyard Meltdown after DeSantis’ Illegal Immigrants Arrive

Recently, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis did the absolutely hilarious and sent a few planeloads of illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. The American Tribune, reporting on that, said:

Earlier this week, it was reported that Florida’s red hot governor Ron DeSantis flew two planes’ worth of illegal immigrants to the posh getaway island of Martha’s Vineyard, home to Barack Obama and other self-styled elitists.

Last April, DeSantis made clear that it was “not the responsibility of Floridians to subsidize aliens to reside in our state unlawfully; we did not consent to Biden’s open-borders agenda.” He is now beginning to follow through on a promise to send illegals to progressive states whose voters and policies have led to a massive surge in border crossings.

News on that stunt broke around the same time that Texas Governor Gregg Abbot sent a slew of illegals to Kamala Harris’ DC residence, as the American Tribune reported on, saying:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is continuing with his concerted efforts to expose radical left-wing faux compassion as merely empty talking points. Previously having sent scores of illegal aliens to Washington, D.C in general for inept mayor Muriel Bowser to complain about, he is now sending a powerful message to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Fox News reported that Abbott has sent a new wave of immigrants from the Mexican border all the way to the Vice President’s personal residence in the nation’s capital.

And that follows the governors sending buses full of illegals up to New York City and DC generally, which has caused both of those governors to freak out. Turns out, being a “sanctuary city” isn’t as fun once the pipeline of migrants is massive and never-ending. So, the tender-hearted liberals in those places aren’t handling it well, with the recent buses of illegals to Martha’s Vineyard apparently causing quite a bit of mutual recrimination and discontent.

I say “apparently” because the messages you’ll read below haven’t been verified, so you’ll have to take the screenshots with a few grains of salt. Still, assuming they are real, they are pretty darn funny.

That being said, here are the screenshots of the texts flying around Martha’s Vineyard in the wake of the DeSantis-exported migrants arriving on their doorsteps. Read with schadenfreude (the text in each message has been transcribed and included above in case they are deleted):

I’m in a couple Martha’s Vineyard Facebook groups and they’re all turning on each other. Calling out their friends for not letting migrants in their summer homes

“Find them permanent housing? I’m sorry, but I thought there was a housing shortage here.”

“Do you need anyone to help in the evenings? Where can clothing be given to them. Can we just come and give them nice clothing?”

“You’re funny”

“What else do they need?”

“They need housing, you have two summer rentals.”

“Here’s the thing. DeSantis absolutely can send refugees to MA and we have services set up to help them and ease the stress on our border states. But, without notice, he “dumped” them not in Boston where support systems are in place but in MV which has no existing services. IMO it was a poltiical stunt that shows DeSantis to be both calculatingly partisan and deeply cruel”

“Obama has room.”

“I’m sure he does but that’s not the point”


“This is heartbreaking. How sick is DeSantis to treat people like that? Idk, maybe we should ask the women in his state, as he robs them of their bodily attonomy.”

“Find them permanent housing? I’m sorry, but I though there was a housing shortage here.”

“Do you need anyone to help in the evenings? Where can clothing be given to them. Can we just come and give them nice clothing?”

I found them – the only liberal in Massachusetts who thinks they should practice what they preach. When will Edgartown build high rise housing projects?

“We, who voted democrat, promised our support for illegal immigration and supported a ‘sanctuary state’. Now the illegal immigrants are being transported to us because our votes agreed to support them. I can’t understand how anyone can formulate a logical argument as to why we shouldn’t receive these folds, The border states voted to not support open borders/illegal immigration so it makes sense they would transport these folks to an area that welcomes them. What is the argument? Florida is doing the right thing in helping place these people where they are welcome. I don’t understand the controversy.”

Property value on Martha’s Vineyard is about to plummet like we’ve never seen before. I’m buying a house in West Tisbury this weekend

“You will need to build government housing projects for those in need.”

“Yeah and there’s some new members of the labor force to help.”

“I wonder how much they are paying for rent? Since there hardly anywhere to stay.”

“MV will have to house them in hotels. That what Texas has been doing.”

Poor Carole can’t believe they brought all these icky poor people to her expensive community. Now let’s treat them with kindness by putting them on a boat and sending them to Rhode Island

“I can’t believe they delivered these poor people to one of the most expensive places to live. My heart goes out to them and to the Islanders that will have to do some serious work here. The only good this is that that at least they will be treated with kindness on island.”

According to a very reliable source the migrants will soon be put on a boat and become Falmouths problem. The national guard is being mobilized for this. 50 people. Texas deals with thousands every day with no help from the federal government.

“Just giving you the heads up, they are all being brought to camp edwards, joint base cape cod for housing and care. 

“Don’t publish my name because I’m x years old in the guard and don’t want my balls cut off. But 300 guardsmen are being activated to support this…”

By: Gen Z Conservative

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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