LOL: Liz Cheney Pretends She’s Still Relevant, Declares She’ll Leave the GOP If Trump is the 2024 Nominee

Recently deposed RINO Liz Cheney apparently thinks that, despite being given the boot from the House of Representatives seat for ruby red Wyoming, she still has some degree of influence and control within the Republican Party. That was shown in a recent clip in which she pledged to leave the GOP if Trump is the 2024 nominee, claiming that doing so was necessary because Trump “is the only president in American history who refused to guarantee a peaceful transition of power.”

While ostensibly a threat, that statement will probably be treated as a welcome promise and further inducement to vote for Trump by Trump voters, who would like nothing more than to see the wicked witch from Wyoming good and gone.

The clip was announced on CNN by the network’s congressional reporter, Daniella Diaz, who said:

“She had a lot to say to say indeed. One of them being a question being whether she would run for president in 2024 against former President Donald Trump. She, of course, dodged that question as she has continued to dodge that question since she lost the primary.

“She will not serve in the next Congress. But really notable, as you all said, that she said if Donald Trump wins the nomination in 2024, she will no longer consider herself a Republican. Take a listen.”

Then, after rolling the clip, Diaz noted that the clip included “Incredibly notable words from Liz Cheney.

And what was it that Liz said that was so notable? In her words:

 “I think that Donald Trump is the only president in American history who refused to guarantee a peaceful transition of power. And so the fact that my party in the months since then has refused to stand up to him I think, does tell you how sick the party is. I’m going to make sure Donald Trump is not the nominee, and if he is the nominee, I won’t be a Republican.”

Watch her here:

That wasn’t all that Liz pledged. She also vowed to help Democrats defeat Kari Lake, the Trump-backed candidate for the gubernatorial seat in Arizona.

She made that pledge after being asked if she would fight for Kari Lake’s opponent, saying “I am going to do everything I can to make sure that Kari Lake is not elected.

And, during her rant about Trump and Kari Lake, Liz “the RINO” Cheney even attacked the beloved Governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin, saying:

“He’s demonstrated that he’s somebody who has not bought into the toxin of Donald Trump — but he campaigned recently for Kari Lake, who’s an election denier, who is dangerous.

“That’s the kind of thing we cannot see in our party. We cannot see an accommodation like that, and I think it’s very important that we be clear about that.

At this point, why does she even bother calling herself a Republican? She’s clearly not one and wants nothing more than to see the MAGA wing of the party pushed far from any position of power.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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