“Out of It”: Team Biden Gets SKEWERED Over Inflation, Immigration Policy

It’s been over a year and a half of Team Biden “taking charge” and “putting the adults back in charge,” though things now seem worse than ever, or at least than they have been in decades. Inflation is raging out of control, prices at the pump are painful, America has been humiliated and its credibility demolished abroad, our military has gone woke, and a veritable flood of humanity has crossed the border.

Well, many Americans are sick and tired of what’s going on. So, even if the GOP can’t do much to stop Biden thanks to the control Democrats have of both houses of the legislature, they’re at least calling him out on all those disasters, namely the inflation and immigration problems.

Taking point on the inflation problem recently was Rep. David Kustoff of Tennessee, who tore into the Biden regime’s inflation diaster during a recent appearance on Fox News Channel, saying:

“Well, look, inflation is real and it’s been real for a long time and it was self-inflicted. I mean, we’ve been under one-party rule, Biden, Schumer, Pelosi going back to January of 2021, and these big bills that Biden has championed, like the American Rescue Plan, 1.9 trillion dollars in new spending, the what he called the Inflation Reduction Act, I think it’s the inflation enhancement act that I voted against last month, almost $745 billion.

This is new money that the government is printing and flushing into the economy and it can’t do anything, but have an inflationary effect. And when it came out 8.3%, higher than expected, it’s real. And it translates here on the ground because in my congressional district, when the main thing that people want to talk about are the high prices of gas, and energy and groceries and refrigerators and new cars and used cars, it’s real, and that’s what people are feeling at the level here.” 

And while the inflation threat is certainly real and painful, it’s far from the only problem that’s raging out of control under Brandon’s rule. The illegal immigration threat is as well, as Texas Rep. Cuellar, a Democrat, was willing to call out on CNN of all places recently. Bashing Kamala’s claim that the border situation is under control, Rep. Cuellar said:

The border is not secure, with all due respect to the VP. This — look, we get thousands of people along the border, from 6,000 to 8,000 people a day. They’re releasing people, and we can send you pictures and videos of what’s happened in Del Reo, the valley, El Paso, and other places.

People are coming in. We have 1.7 million people that were encountered last year. We’re going to have 2 or maybe 2.2 by the end of this fiscal year in about two more weeks. That’s almost 4 million people. That doesn’t even include the getaways. Those are the people that border patrol has a good idea evaded them. So you’re talking about almost 4 plus, maybe 4.4 million individuals in two years. If you call that secure, I don’t know what secure is.”

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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