“Terrorizing Police…If They Do Their Jobs”: WATCH Tucker SKEWER Soft-on-Crime Leftists, Explain the Consequences of Letting Criminals Run Wild

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson has had it. After a bit over a year and a half of the Biden regime’s nonsense and years, if not decades, of leftist misrule in many of America’s once great and now-crumbling cities, it’s time for Americans to kick out the leftie losers that have ruined their cities, turning into effective no-go zones for law-abiding citizens. Or, at least, that’s Tucker’s view.

He said as much in a recent segment of his show. During it, Tucker highlighted both the disastrous crime wave that has swept America and the role played by everyone from local DAs to the federal government by saying:

You think Kim Foxx cares? But she is not the only person who did this, the federal government also played a role.”

“Over the eight years of Barack Obama administration, the department of justice forced more than a dozen police departments across the country to enter into what is called a consent decree. The Obama administration began an investigation into the Chicago police department and they got a consent decree. They pronounced police departments guilty of racism if they disproportionately interact with African-Americans, regardless of whether those interactions were legally justified. In other words, the law is entirely irrelevant to the consent decree.

Continuing, Tucker went on to highlight what it was that the DOJ did under the Obama Administration that’s led to the crime wave in America’s cities and noting that the data the feds relied on “doesn’t begin to tell the whole story. In his words:

Here is a line from the DOJ consent decree imposed under Obama against Chicago: ‘Raw statistics show CPD (Chicago Police Department) uses force 10 times more often against blacks than whites.’ Okay, that is one data point. It is not the whole story.

It doesn’t begin to tell the whole story. No analysis whatsoever if the use of force in these specific cases was justified. None. This is not science, they may have graphs but it is not science. It is a crazed race ideology. The equity agenda… And these consent decrees have been a disaster for the people of these cities.

And, ending the righteous rant on a note that would be funny if the crimes he was describing weren’t so sick and twisted, Tucker mocked the “Coexist” crowd for their virtue signaling and insouciance while hammering the left for making policing a nearly unthinkable career field for anyone that doesn’t want to be raked over the coals by leftists that hate them. Making those points and reiterating the consequences of a soft on crime agenda, Tucker then said:

“People that put ‘coexist’ on bumper stickers on their Subarus defunded the animal cruelty unit in Los Angeles. Dogs can get tortured and nobody cares, and people, too. and the cops who remain on the forces by and large don’t want to work there, because who would want to work there for any amount of money?

“Terrorizing police with threats of prosecution if they do their jobs. That is what the democratic party has done. And the effect has been what it was intended to be. Depopulating police departments. Crime surged. So in the end, they succeeded in getting rid of the police.”

Watch him here:

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