WATCH: Woke Biden Official Claims MAGA Conservatives Want to Destroy America

Who is it that’s destroying America? Is it the party that prodded on and encouraged riots for months following the death of a career criminal and fentanyl user in Minneapolis, setting the country alight and causing billions in property damage and dozens of deaths? Or is it the party that explicitly aims to put “America First” and “Make America Great Again”?

Unsurprisingly, the party behind the torching of small businesses and Visigoth-like rampage through our cities while attempting to “deconstruct” our history is blaming the other side, saying that it’s really the GOP that wants to destroy America.

Such is the line that Keisha Lance Bottoms, President Joe Biden’s “senior advisor on public engagement,” said when she appeared for an interview on far-left MSNBC. Watch that here:

As you can hear in the video, host Jonathan Capehart kicked off the MAGA bashing by asking Bottoms about the Biden Administration’s messaging regarding the “MAGA Agenda,” asking “will folks in the administration between now and the November 8th elections keep hammering away at that phrase? At that imagery?

Bottoms responded by not only using the “our democracy” line that leftists have grown so fond of as of late, claiming that not only are the MAGA Republicans attempting to “disrupt our democracy,” but even saying that they want to “destroy the United States.” In her words:

“What we see, again, with this MAGA Republican agenda, is an effort to disrupt our democracy. I think it will always be important to call out any effort there is to destroy, essentially, destroy the United States of America.

And that wasn’t all. Continuing, she went on to say that the Republicans are the ones who have no respect for the Constitution and other pillars of the American system before using the “our democracy” line yet again, saying:

When you have a MAGA Republican agenda that has no respect for the Constitution, that has no respect for free and fair elections, then it is important for all of us, not just the president, not just me, for all of us to call it out for what it is. It is a danger to our democracy, it is a danger to our way of life.

That’s rich coming from a woman whose party has led a sustained attack on America’s Constitution and founding because the Founding Fathers owned slaves, bashing our history to bits in the name of “equity”.

Conservative commentator Tom Elliot skewered the left for its heated, anti-conservative rhetoric on Twitter, pointing out other examples of leftists saying radical things about MAGA Republicans and sharing this list of leftist violent attacks in recent years:

He also retweeted an article from the New York Post on the same matter and excerpted a quote from it, saying:

“It’s way past time for the media to tell Biden, Clinton and the rest that their language is simply unacceptable; it’s destroying our country far more than some shadowy right-wing group ever could”

But that does not appear to be, of course, what Team Biden is up to, particularly if Bottoms’ radical attack on MAGA Republicans is any guide.

By: Gen Z Conservative

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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