Yet Another Leftie Jumps on the “Fascism” Bandwagon, Makes Crazy Comparison to Mussolini

Looks like the “fascism” insult is back on the menu thanks to Brandon and his “semi-fascism” remark during a recent speech, on his administration has so far both refused to back down from and refused to explain. Apparently asking exactly what Brandon meant when he called half the country semi-fascist is too much to ask.

But even that insult isn’t enough for the radical leftists in the commentariat, a deranged group of leftie loons who are now taking Brandon’s “semi-fascism” remark and kicking it up a notch, now just calling Republicans “fascist.” Among them was MSNBC’s Joy Reid, a deranged leftist if there ever was one.

She went berserk during a recent segment and attacked Trump and Republicans with the “fascism” attack, saying that the real issue people took with Biden’s “semi-fascism” remark was that he was calling them out for being fascists. In her words:

“You know, and Dana Milbank, you have had Adam Kinzinger denouncing direct attacks on the FBI, when MAGA — a MAGA fan literally went into an FBI office, armed up. There’s already been threats. FBI agents are being threatened.

“So you have threats against law enforcement. You have an insurrection in which there was a violent attack on the Capitol, in which they beat up police officers and left five people dead, eventually. You have the demands that procreation be achieved at the behest of the state, essentially state-mandated birth. You have an anti-immigrant mania and you have a cult of personality.

“If you look up fascism in the dictionary, you’re going to find all of those things. So, I’m really not sure what the Republicans are all upset about, other than the fact that it was named.

No, Joy, you won’t. Fascism isn’t defined as “an insurrection,” forced procreation, or beating up cops. Quite the opposite, given the eugenic goals of fascist states and the heavy hand of the police state within them. But such would obviously be too much to expect her to understand.

And so she went on with her patently false claims and delusional rant, moving on from saying that the definition of fascism is some dude in a buffalo hat wandering around the Capitol to saying that we’re literally Hitler (well, in this case, Mussolini) for supporting restrictions on abortion. In her words:

 “You know, Susan, I think it’s an excellent point because part of the motive, part of the thing that doesn’t get put in when people talk about fascism is that it isn’t just not believing in elections and wanting to have a strong man who remains leader forever and is unquestioned and elections don’t matter, there was an aspect, particularly of Mussolini-style fascism, of demanding that women bear for the state, right, bear more children for the state, particularly white European women, bear more children for the state.

“We literally even have that, and that is being aggressively pursued by Republicans in state after state after state in a way that is even scaring some Republican women and saying, ‘Whoa, hold on a second. This has gone too far.’ When you have all these aspects of it, talk about the extent to which that abortion question has motivated Republican women to maybe rethink their blind loyalty to the party.”

“Don’t want to murder babies? Go back to the thirties, fascist!” What insanity these people represent! Not only are they ranting and raving, but they’re wrong even in the basic facts, showing their historical illiteracy is even greater a problem than their general view of things.

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This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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