Iranian Journalist SLAMS Biden, Western Liberals on HBO’s “Real Time”

Appearing on Friday’s episode of HBO’s “Real Time” with Bill Maher, an Iranian journalist and activist named Masih Alinejad had a good bit to say about liberals and Biden, none of which was favorable.

For example, Alinejad skewered liberals for worrying more about “Islamophobia” than what happens to “millions of Iranian women.”

Specifically, she said that Western liberals tell her to stop speaking out about the treatment of women in Iran because it might cause “Islamophobia”, but that, as a woman in Iran “if you show your hair, you’re going to go to jail. You will receive lashes. You will get killed like Mahsa Amini.”

That came when Bill Maher asked her why Western liberals are acting in such a “moronic” manner about the problem, to which Alinejad responded by saying:

“[F]or years and years, we have been warning them about the dangers of morality police. You know why? Because most of them speak perfect English and they have — who actually talk about Islam and Islamic countries.

“They never go and live under Sharia laws, but they don’t even let us talk about our own experience. I grew up in a country where I was told that if you show your hair, you’re going to go to jail. You will receive lashes. You will get killed like Mahsa Amini. But here, they tell me that if you talk about this, you’re going to cause Islamophobia. Phobia is irrational, but believe me, my fear and the fear of millions of Iranian women and [women in] Afghanistan is rational.”

Continuing, she added that:

“I invite them all to go and live under Sharia laws in Iran and Afghanistan, they would say no. They always, always try to downplay our cause, but they don’t even dare to live only one day wearing the burqa or hijab. Some of them, actually, I challenged Ilhan Omar. … She’s coming now with legislation gathering information around the world [about] who causes Islamophobia. I was like, oh my God, even here in America now someone monitoring us that we’re going to cause Islamophobia? Those who [lash] us, those who kill us, those who hang us, those who — if we say that I don’t want to be a Muslim anymore, they’re going kill you. Those actually create phobia, of course, not me, if there is phobia.”

And that wasn’t all. During the interview, Alinejad also offered a message of hope for the future of women in Iran, saying:

“Across the world, people are watching that, wow, these fearless women [are] walking towards the morality police and they’re ready. And TikTok generations are being killed right now in the streets. So, that is what scares the regime, and I always say that this — for the Islamic Republic, for the Taliban, this compulsory hijab is like the Berlin Wall. Now, we are tearing this wall down and the Islamic Republic won’t exist.”

Bill Maher then tried to temper that by noting that the US ran from Afghanistan, defeated by the Taliban, saying “I hope you’re right. But, I mean, you mentioned Afghanistan. We pulled out of Afghanistan. The Taliban took over and it went right back to the bad old days.”

Responding, Alinejad ripped into the Biden Administration and western feminists, saying:

That’s why I don’t have any hope in the Biden administration. I don’t have any hope in Western countries. They abandoned my sisters in Afghanistan. But guess who came to the streets to support the Iranian women? The first group who came to the streets were women of Afghanistan. Can you believe that? The western feminists who actually went to my country, wore a hijab, they bowed to the Taliban.”

By: Gen Z Conservative

This story syndicated with permission from Will, Author at Trending Politics

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