WATCH: Man’s Electric Jaguar Erupts Into a Blazing Inferno After Hearing Loud “POP”

Have any combustion-powered vehicles—like your Ford F-150, Honda Civic, Chevrolet/GMC SUV, or any other—randomly caught fire while parked in your garage at night, putting your entire home in danger?

No, that’s because it’s not an EV, which can do that, as Gonzalo Salazar, the owner of a 2019 Jaguar I-Pace, discovered in June 2022 when he plugged his car in for the night after purchasing it brand-new in 2020, then unplugged it and departed to run some errands. He claims the following occurred:

On June 16, I plugged the car in before going to bed. In the morning of June 17, I woke up and unplugged the car. Later that morning, I set out to run some errands. I drove about 12 miles that morning before returning back home and parking the car back in the garage, leaving the garage door open.

As I was doing things at home, I heard pops coming from the garage. I decided to go see where the sounds were coming from, and upon walking into the garage, I faced a thick wall of smoke. My thought immediately was, ‘When there is smoke there is fire,’ and I need to get the car out of the house garage.

Fortunately, he managed to pull the car out of the garage and onto the street, saving his home and everyone inside it even though the fire ended up completely destroying his car. He then outlines what happens next:

I went back to the house to get my phone and also noticed that all the smoke in the garage now had filled my entire house because the A/C unit is right next to the garage door. While I was trying to ventilate my house from the smoke I called Jaguar roadside assistance to have them come get the car.

When I ended the conversation with them there were more pops, but this time it was followed by fire from under the car. I then called 911 to come help with the situation. But this was not a slow burn, once the fire started there were multiple pops, and the car was just engulfed in flames rapidly.

Take a look at the video here:

And this was the horrifying aftermath:

Even though there are only about 50,000 Jaguar I-Pace models on the road, it is strange that they keep happening even though it was the fourth random fire to occur in a Jaguar I-Pace. The fact that the problem is not new makes it worse for the EV business. The Chevy Bolt EV experienced the same situation, according to Electrek, who wrote:

Where EV fires require attention is when the electric vehicle’s battery pack catches on fire by itself without any accident or clear external factors, like what appears to be the case with Salazar’s I-Pace.

It’s also what happened with the Chevy Bolt EV. Several fires started when the electric cars were just being parked or charging raised questions about the vehicle’s battery pack, later resulting in a defect found in the LG Chem battery cells used to make those packs.

Chevy and Hyundai – who also used LG Chem cells in the Kona EV – both ended up making massive recalls over the issue. In the case of the former, it took a lot of pressure, including a lot of reporting from Electrek, to finally replace the battery modules.

Lithium fires are a problem because, once they start, they are nearly impossible to put out because they burn so hot, making reignition a common problem. So, especially if you’re sleeping, consider parking your EV in the driveway rather than immediately next to your home.

This story syndicated with permission from Gen Z Conservative.

Image credit: Twitter screengrab



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