WATCH: The ‘Cruz Missile’ Fires at Whoopi’s Woke Opinion and Blows it to Smithereens

Ted Cruz recently spoke about the economy and the Republican Party’s principles on the chat show “The View.”

Over the past few years, “The View” has developed a reputation for its left-of-center viewpoints, promoting liberal ideals while criticizing conservatives and their beliefs. In light of this, it was intriguing to see Ted Cruz invited to speak.

The anxiety around January 6th reached its peak in the interview, and Sen. Cruz calmly pointed out the hypocrisy of the left. This was the best portion of the conversation. View the video below.

Whoopi Goldberg, in reference to January 6, firmly asserted, “[Democrats] don’t go and don’t storm. We don’t try to change…we don’t do that.”

Cruz responds, stating the obvious, “Did I miss an entire year of Antifa riots where cities across this country were burning?”

The way Democrats will play up the concept that Republicans are actively attempting to destroy the nation while, obviously, using cognitive dissonance and disregarding what the radical left did to so many cities around the nation in 2020 is just so absurd.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa working together to ignite riots and looting on a scale we haven’t seen led to the “summer of love,” as some would cynically and euphemistically refer to the months after the death of George Floyd.

Only a few instances of immense turmoil are shown in the video above. To put things in perspective, the official insurance bill, which was the highest in insurance history at $2 billion. However, as many businesses have inadequate or no insurance, their millions in losses won’t be reflected in that insurance figure, the actual cost is probably considerably higher.

Whoopi Goldberg, on the other hand, “doesn’t know what an antifa riot is.” There can be a few causes for this.

Perhaps she is aware of the mayhem and simply prefers not to see it for what it is because it advances her cause, or perhaps the establishment media has successfully brainwashed everyone by euphemistically portraying the riots.

The former is demonstrated by the notorious CNN description, “fiery but mostly peaceful protests.”

The interview got off to a heated start when protesters in the audience heckled Cruz and stopped it midway through. Whoopi Goldberg deserves credit for putting an end to the hecklers in the audience and escorting them out. Look at it below.

Cruz does a terrific interview, arguing for the Republican Party and its current beliefs despite the contentious discussion between Goldberg and him.

The hosts attempt to portray “women’s reproductive rights,” a term that has recently been coined to cover up the horrifying act of killing an unborn child, as the primary concern motivating voters in the midterm elections. One host tries to make the current economic situation seem unimportant to voters by dismissing it as cyclical and to be expected.

Contrarily, Ted Cruz emphasizes that the economy is by far the biggest problem afflicting Americans. “People are hurting. Lives of working men and women have gotten really hard….. The highest inflation in 40 years is making people’s lives a lot harder,” Cruz claimed.

We need to vote red in this election to save the country from being destroyed by woke people.

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