John Mellencamp Shows His True Colors…And They Aren’t Red, White, and Blue

John Mellencamp, the singer, and songwriter who wrote “Ain’t That America” and at least acts like a patriot, is in trouble with real patriots because he sat down during the national anthem before Sunday’s game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Philadelphia Eagles.

John Mellencamp was sitting in the box when a fan took a picture of him and wrote:

@dandakich Can we get a comment on John Mellencamp being too lazy to STAND for our National Anthem

A senior editor at Outkick named Dakich replied, saying:  Mellencamp is one of America’s Greatest Frauds…always has been

Others also joined in and said:

“He was the “Honorary” speaker at my granddaughters college graduation held in the football stadium. He came to the podium and spit a wad of something out onto the ground next to a small flag staked in the ground. Classless”

“I’ll tell you what, when I go to South Bend Cubs games, when the national anthem starts, everyone in line in concessions stops, turns toward the nearest flag, takes their hat off, puts hand over heart until the song is over AND colors have left the field.”

“Given his fans now see this also, I think he should issue some kind of statement. He has live & in-person events for 2023 scheduled. Without a statement, he looks like someone who couldn’t care less about our National Anthem. Not a great optic.”

“Total fraud – same with Springsteen”

“He has always hated American. That must be his spoiled son lounging behind him.”

“Never liked him, his music and now may I add, his rudeness towards our country. Too bad he can’t share a Russian cell with the basketball player who did not stand for the US anthem.”

Others came to Mellencamp’s defense by saying:

“People who still get upset about someone practicing their freedom of choice not to stand for that song baffle me…usually the “real patriots” crowd. 🙄”

“The hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me. Conservatives are always pushing the constitution but criticize those who are exercising their constitutional rights.”

I have to agree with the above two opinions.  Though I find it very disrespectful to our country and our veterans who fought and died for freedom, those fools have exactly that:  freedom.  They are free to sit if they so desire.  I don’t like it, but that’s what this country is about.

“Anyone take a picture of the beer or concession lines during the anthem? Also, there are a LOT of people in that picture not standing, including a kid near him, what a horrible parent, right? But let’s be selective with our indignation.”

“There could be several different reasons why he didn’t stand up. Not that I agree with it, but he owes nobody an explanation. I know my husband, who is a disabled veteran, is unable to stand all the time, and it kills him when he can’t. Would you judge him as well?”

I’m pretty disgusted with how America is going too, but I will ALWAYS stand for our National Anthem.  America still stands for freedom even though the politicians are working hard to destroy that fact.  And for Mr. Mellencamp to sit disrespectfully, which is his right to do so, then he needs to quit pretending to be a patriot and show his true self to the world.  But I guess this photo is a good start.

Featured Image screengrab from embedded Tweet.



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