Kari Lake Concerned After Hillary Clinton Bad Mouths Her; “I’m in Perfect Health, My Brakes on My Car are in Good Shape, and I’m Not Suicidal”

Just when we think Kari Lake has given the best performance of her campaign, she outdoes herself in an epic way, whether it’s by cruelly trolling Liz Cheney with a thank you letter for her in-kind campaign contributions or by slamming the media for believing every lie about her.

Such was the case when she went on Fox News last night. She was able to both criticize radical leftist tyrants and make the host and audience laugh with her comments on some very bad rumors about the Clinton family. All things considered, he nailed this interview.

Watch as Lake hits Hillary Clinton with a sledgehammer in a truly unique performance:

But I was a little concerned today I’m going to be honest when I saw Hillary Clinton bad mouthing me and she looked she looked angry and actually scared and and just completely unrelated. I want you to know just in case you’re wondering, I’m in perfect health, my brakes on my car in good shape, and I’m not suicidal. And we’re going to win this thing on Tuesday.

Who talks like this, really? My whole life has been full of Republican sellouts who were either dishonest warmongers or spineless GOP squishes who did what their Democratic masters told them to do. Lake has guts, just like Trump and DeSantis did before her. DeSantis talks and acts strongly about important issues, but Lake is not like him. While Florida’s governor has done a great job making freedom possible and turning a purple state into a solid red one (which is no small feat), Lake is the best at dealing with problems.

She has been very critical of the results of the 2020 election, which has earned her the name “election denier,” which she wears with pride. When asked, she can show you receipts of many Democrats complaining that the 2016 election was stolen or of Stacey Abrams acting like she’s the rightful governor of Georgia.

Lake then gets into the strange things that most people don’t care about, like the Epstein saga. Who else in the conservative movement says things like this?

This woman is fighting for a good cause, and she doesn’t mind asking questions to find the truth. So, it’s not surprising that she would get involved in the bad Clinton operation. No one else says it, which is what makes her so unique. Lake is great, whether he is making jokes about Liz Cheney, only half-joking about Hillary Clinton, or just telling the truth. Just look at how skillfully and hard she hits the fake news mafia.

“Who know who I’m fighting against? The press. The disgusting propagandists that are trying to sway an election. This is gonna be one of the darkest days in modern day journalism, it really is.”

“You don’t care about the facts… you’ll cover the lie, you’ll spread it all over the world over and over and over again. And that is how fake news is spread.”

It’s easy to see why her opponent, a Democrat, is afraid to debate her. Lake is quick on her feet, doesn’t fear going after every sacred cow in the Deep State, and won’t give up on her moral beliefs. Arizona needs and deserves a person like her.

Is it too early to want to see her again in 2024?

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