Lindsey Graham is a Traitor and His Deleted Tweet Proves It

Folks, the harvesting of votes prevailed in Arizona. Yes, gathering mail-in votes somehow allowed a candidate who refused to debate and sounded and looked like a deer caught in headlights whenever a serious issue was posed to “win.” Yes, cellar Katie outwitted the vibrant, well-liked, and well-known former local news anchor Kari Lake and claimed a “win.” Does anyone genuinely buy this garbage? I mean, seriously?

I have the impression that I’m in a scene from “Groundhog Day” right now. Once more, our worst nightmare has come true. The GOP establishment and an overwhelming number of mail-in ballots defeated us. In actuality, those two factors also defeated us in 2020. So here we are once more, trying to saturate the voting booth and overcome the “fraud margin.” But most of the time, it didn’t work, so we have to ultimately realize that we can’t “vote” our way out of this mess, and that stinks. But hold on, we can HARVEST our way out, so don’t give up.

It’s time to put an end to your election-related pessimism. No, we cannot “vote” our way out of this situation, but we can find a method to harvest. It’s time to learn how to gather votes more effectively than the Democrats do.

Look at what occurred in Arizona just now.

Like believing that Trump’s victory in 2016 meant that the swamp would be immediately drained, hoping that mail-in ballots will suddenly disappear because of the Constitution is absurd. It was a sweet idea, but we didn’t know how our corrupt government worked or how these evil Democrats fought. We also didn’t realize that just because you had an R after your name doesn’t mean you’re one of our allies; we discovered that the hard and ugly way. Let’s not overlook the fact that our courts have been corrupted and transformed into arenas for unrestricted “activism.” Sorry, but this is the situation we are in. So, it’s time to start learning how to get votes.

The American people no longer trust Democrats because of how circus-like our elections have become as a result of their actions.

Katie Hobbs has produced more election deniers in the last two weeks than all the Internet rabbit holes combined could in the previous two years, according to a tweet from podcaster Eric Matheny.

The events of 2020 were a frightening and revolting spectacle. Making the American people feel anxious and distrustful of their elections is the worst thing you could possibly do to them, in my opinion. And this doesn’t involve a small number of “fringe” election skeptics. The majority of the nation is aware of what is occurring here.

Like usual, the media and Democrats have demonized us as conspiracy theorists for asking why certain things are happening. They advised us to move on and said that by voting, we could make things right. We voted in record numbers and clogged the polls, but we were unable to win in these “certain” states.

What causes that? We all understand the explanation.

However, it’s not just Dems who shame us. The vultures in the GOP are also responsible for it.

Just take a look at the tweet that Lindsey Graham had the nerve to send before deleting it. Since the tweet is deleted, I’ll have to take Wayne Dupree’s word for it.  You can see the tweet here, but I’ll type what this traitor said below.

One of the takeaways from the 2022 midterms: On the GOP side, the 2020 election should finally be over.

This tweet demonstrates Lindsey Graham’s treachery and use of the Deep State for all time. He has obviously been involved in the entire scheme and was expecting that we would all be duped by the wonderfully “fair” elections in 2022 and discover how mistaken we were about the results in 2020. Are you serious?

Take a look at this:

This midterm tragedy has strengthened how fraudulent the 2020 election was. The midterm elections in 2022 should have resolved whatever disagreements you may have had with the outcome of the 2020 election. Folks, we’ll never win again if we don’t start taking steps to remove these top-tier RINOs from their posts and their leadership roles. Traitors like McConnell, McCarthy, and McDaniel come to mind.

Welcome to the “Great Reset,” where the old-guard Republicans are totally fine with an election taking as long as it takes for the Democratic candidate to win.

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