SCORCHED! Twitter Lights Up Longtime Loser from David Hogg Over 2A Comment

Former student of Parkland High, David Hogg , has not accomplished much in his life since going through an obviously horrifying and unimaginable nightmare.   Putting politics aside, Nikolas Cruz committed a terrible crime that day. I feel bad for the victims and their families.

However, since virtually the very beginning, it has been extremely difficult to empathize with some of the survivors. People deal with traumatic events in different ways, but when child victims lecture the entire country about constitutional rights they disagree with, don’t understand historically, don’t understand contextually, and don’t understand basic human nature, it comes across as just…self-aggrandizement instead of dealing with grief and horror.

These were children who endured terrible suffering, and our corporate media and politicians seized the chance to restrict freedoms. Be aware that they didn’t attempt to assist victims, investigate how their own policies that allowed the insane Cruz to continue in the general school setting, or do anything else constructive; instead, they supported a few obnoxious kids who said the right things.

Since that time, Hogg has lived a life of total failure, which he has brought entirely on himself due to his ill-gotten sense of self-worth and self-promotion. He was not admitted to college. Despite this, he was eventually accepted by Harvard. Why? He started a terrible pillow business to compete with Mike Lindell. Additionally, he longs for Twitter attention.

This tweet, which was shortly dubbed the most idiotic ever, was part of his most recent attempt to further the bizarre and absurd idea that people’s inclinations to commit murder are caused by guns.

Catturd nailed it.  Can you even comprehend such absurdity? Does it even merit a try?  While reading Hogg’s thread revealed a few feeble attempts to claim he meant it ironically or in agreement with the remark, ultimately this failure of a youngster couldn’t avoid being severely ratioed. Just a few of the remarks are listed below:

“What if we made murder illegal? That could work.”

“This is what Harvard education will get you.”

“Simple reality check from here in Canada where you do need a license to own a gun…. 99.8% of the people that commit violence with them have them illegally. So the idea that gun control is the solution to violent crime is a flawed argument.”

“The last time I checked, unless it’s in self-defense, killing humans was still illegal… has that changed?”

“Make sure to tell Cruz he shoulda paid the state for a piece of paper before coming to school that morning and all woulda been forgiven.”

“What’s it like being the least intelligent person in every college class you take?”

Hogg seems to be the kind of person who is unable to grow from his errors. He has all the responses he has ever needed since stepping in front of that first microphone. What a miserable, stunted life.


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