WATCH: AOC Called Out for Her Lack of Pronouns on Her Bio; She Gives the Lamest Excuse

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, also known as AOC, was recently criticized by a power-hungry, anonymous nobody for not having “preferred pronouns” in her Instagram bio, which is a must-have for virtue signaling.

If the disappointing results of the midterm elections in 2022 show that most Americans are fine with ignoring real threats to their freedoms and ways of life, then voters’ worries about a politician’s pronouns take apathy and confusion to a whole new level.

Just watch as AOC gets embarrassed by one of her own, repeats the mantra that the left always eats its own, and lies shamelessly to cover her own rear end.

Please add pronouns to your IG profile,” said the video’s prompt. “Thank you for all you do for ALL,”  In response, AOC bowed down to the woke overlords and said:

Oh, I’m sorry about that. They used to be on there. Let me go in and check and see if I can add them. They used to be there, I guess they fell off. But, I’ll put them on right now.

After commenting on this video, I feel like I might need to take a shower. I mean, is this the best we can do now? I probably should say that my comment also doesn’t mean I want to date her. AOC cleaned up an Amazon building, which made it harder for her own constituents to find good jobs that they would enjoy. More recently, people on her own side have said that she wants war and is helping to fund a government that wants war. This doesn’t say anything about her overall socialist views, which are to take money from people who work to help people who don’t work and to keep sending “free” money to Americans.

People have a good reason to say that her worldview has caused real problems in the world, but she only cares about pronouns.

As for her answer, does anyone really think that the pronouns just vanished from her bio by magic? And they didn’t just go away; they fell off? That doesn’t happen. She got in trouble for a stupid mistake, but instead of taking responsibility for it, she kept acting like a child and lied about the whole thing. This is nothing new for these young fools.

Is it reasonable to say that by leaving out the pronouns, AOC was hurting the LGBT community? If we’re all on the same page, then yes. That could hurt democracy.

Also, though, shame on this anonymous user for even caring. All the left cares about is power, and that desire for control trickles down to the most insignificant losers of our day. Despite offering nothing to the world, whoever called out AOC can now feel good about themselves for helping her address a fabricated grievance. Thus, the cycle continues.

Twitter comments below the shared video offered a few insights into the state of contemporary political affairs:

As far as I’m concerned, a person can be either he/him or she/her, or very rarely you can be “it” if I’m generous enough to grant “it” with that privilege. I know no other pronouns which describe a person (singular).

I can’t imagine being this lost – this constant state of other’s approval points. It’s a type a hell as far as I am able to discern.

they get off on making people do ‘things’. It doesn’t matter what or how insignificant. they would emotionally manipulate you into drinking a soda if it made them feel like they had some power over you. the pronouns are just a subtle extension of that, its very annoying.


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