WATCH: Chaos Erupts at Press Briefing and KJP is Left Without a Gavel to Restore Order

During a press briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre yelled at a reporter who was angry that she hadn’t been asked a question.

At the end of the briefing, Jean-Pierre was asked by another reporter to ask the last question. This is when the incident happened. Jean-Pierre told the reporter to “respect your colleagues,” but the reporter got angry and started shouting her own questions.

Watch the exchange below.

Fox News put out a harsh report last week about how KJP has been in the job for almost six months and still doesn’t answer good questions about the president.

Nearly six months into her job as White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre continues to dodge questions at daily press briefings even after reporters complained over the summer that she often provides uninformative answers. White House press secretaries are known for dodging questions on a regular basis. And the Biden White House has held regular briefings, unlike the Trump administration that at one point went more than a year without one,” Fox News said.

But White House reporters told Fox News Digital in July that Jean-Pierre usually leans on “prepared answers” and “doesn’t appear willing” to provide direct answers to direct questions. Now settled into her job, Jean-Pierre still regularly sidesteps questions on major issues,” the report stated.

This isn’t the first time that people in the White House press pool have been upset with Jean-Pierre, who replaced Jen Psaki earlier this year.

Last month, a few reporters said that Jean-Pierre often gives “non-answers” or says that the White House has nothing to say about the day’s news.

One thing that got her in trouble was that she didn’t seem to know what was going on with the president and the White House.

One White House reporter said at the time, “She is poorly received as she isn’t taking time to answer questions or banter with reporters on the issues of the day. A press secretary has to share some information, kind of a give and take, but she just doesn’t appear willing to do that yet. … Too often, she is telling reporters that she ‘has nothing from the podium’ to say, which is a waste of everyone’s time.”

Her predecessor, Jen Psaki, was praised by the left-leaning press corps and offered jobs on cable news. One White House reporter even said anonymously that they were afraid to argue with Psaki because they didn’t want to look like an “a–hole.”

It hasn’t been as good for Jean-Pierre. Politico’s West Wing Playbook said last month that she had “unforced stumbles” and private “grumbles” from reporters because she stuck to her binder and gave talking points instead of having a back-and-forth with the press.

A White House reporter said, “If your M.O. is going to be reading prepared answers, you should have a lot of prepared answers so that you’re not just deferring to reporters constantly.

Jean-Pierre has also had interesting conversations with Peter Doocy, a Fox News reporter who has often criticized President Joe Biden and the government.


Featured Image screenshot from embedded YouTube video.

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