WATCH: Christmas Chaos! Indiana Jones Meets Pinball Wizard Meets Dodgeball

Remember Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?  That scene where he is running from a giant rolling boulder?  Well, that’s similar to what happened in London, as chaos erupted when 2 giant Christmas ornaments came barrelling down the street.  Here is a summary of what I read from New York Post.

With an early display, these holiday decorators really got the ball rolling.

Heavy winds knocked over a bigger-than-life Christmas display in London and sent giant baubles rolling down the street like a dangerous game of dodgeball.

The Telegraph got a video from TikTok that shows big silver balls rolling and bouncing down Tottenham Court Road early Monday morning as smaller cars try to avoid them.

The first ball rolls across the street and hits a post, knocking off its shiny silver coating and sending it flying down the road.

Behind the first silver ball, a second silver ball does a somersault and rolls down the street. This makes a sound like a giant pinball machine.
From a different point of view, a video shows the balls rolling into each other.

The Met Office had warned people in some parts of the UK about strong winds at the time of the crazy event. Overnight, Storm Claudio hit the country with winds of up to 70 miles per hour.

Featured Image screenshot from embedded YouTube video.

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